A wide range of utensils from the bakery. Display trays from the shop. Glasses, dishes and cutlery from the café. From light to heavy soiling. Bakeries require absolute top performance from a warewasher.

Winterhalter warewashers for bakeries and confectioners


Baking trays with burnt-on crusts. Dried dough stuck to a wide range of utensils. Display trays sticky with icing. The remains of frothy milk in a latte glass, or coffee rings in a cup. These are the challenges when it comes to warewashing in a bakery.

Bakeries experience it all. A variety of stainless steel, delicate aluminium, plastic, glass and porcelain wash items. Various levels of soiling – from slight stains to stubborn, burnt-on, encrusted residues. The solution: efficient Winterhalter warewashing solutions. Solutions that make washing by hand unnecessary and deliver perfectly clean, completely hygienic wash results in no time. Resource-friendly, cost-effective and reliable.


Winterhalter utensil washers for bakers


When washing becomes a challenge, the UF series from Winterhalter is in its element. Robust design. With plenty of power for stubborn dirt. And innovative features: for excellent wash results and maximum hygiene. Suitable for a variety of wash items thanks to a choice of three machine sizes. Do you need to wash utensils and other equipment? The UF is the machine for you.

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Winterhalter passthrough warewashers for bakers


Fast, economical, efficient. In a bakery, a dishwasher must be one hundred percent reliable. The PT Series from Winterhalter make this possible: its innovative technology is designed to meet the highest demands – and streamlined for maximum economy. An all-rounder for a wide range of wash items. Available in three different machine sizes. Your pace-setter.

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Winterhalter undercounter warewashers for bakeries


Most bakeries nowadays also offer a variety of drinks and snacks – even lunches in many cases. As a result, the demands on a warewasher are high: it must deliver perfect results in one cycle with a wide range of wash items. In a short time. And it must fit neatly into a confined space. This is precisely why Winterhalter has developed the UC Series bistro washer.

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