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Anyone who regularly washes a large number of glasses and wants to work in a professional manner needs a glasswasher. Plus water treatment, suitable chemicals and special glass racks. This is because only this system solution can meet the high demands that both foodservice professionals and guests place on washed glasses. The great thing about a glasswasher is that it is an investment that pays off immediately. And several times over.

First-class cleanliness

Without marks, streaks or smears.

Total hygiene safety

Certified according to DIN SPEC 10534.

Significant time savings

Clean glasses in less than two minutes.

Cost-effective washing process

With low personnel and operating costs.

Protects expensive glasses

Less glass breakage, longer life.

Protects the environment

Minimal demand for water, energy, chemicals.

Enjoyment with all senses

An experience for the eye, nose and tongue.

Positive impression

Because guests love cleanliness and hygiene.

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UC Series product benefits

The complete system for professional glasswashing

Winterhalter Glasswashing System

For cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standard: Glasswashers with variable wash pressure adjustment and special washing programmes for various glass types. Fast, economical and available in different sizes.


Tailored precisely to the required wash result and the local water quality: the right water treatment system. Integrated into the machine or as an external device. For brilliant glasses and optimum protection of the machine.


As effective as necessary, as gentle as possible. For sparkling clean glasses and perfect hygiene. For sparkle and shine. Special detergents and rinse aids for glasswashing. Highly concentrated and economical.


Tailor-made for different glass types and suitable for every machine size. Made of plastic or plastic coated wire. Glass racks assist drying and protect expensive glasses from breakage and scratches.

Who invented glasswashers?

One thing is certain: Winterhalter took care of glasswashing from a very early stage. In 1969, our engineers developed the first commercial warewasher specifically for glasses – and solved a problem faced by foodservice professionals all over the world. Since then, we have continually perfected the washing of glasses: today’s system solution combines glasswasher, water treatment, chemicals and rack. Welcome to the home of glasswashing!

Alternative payment models

Start-ups. Food outlets with seasonal trade. Franchise-holders with a whole fleet of machines. Every one of our customers has their own requirements. And a traditional purchase is not the ideal financial solution for every customer. Winterhalter therefore offers alternative payment models. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right solution for your individual situation.

  • Leasing or hire purchase

    All advantages of a classic hire purchase or leasing arrangement
    Winterhalter has partnered with reputable and dependable experts in this field


    Pay per wash cycle
    No investments
    High flexibility
    All inclusive: Dishwasher, water treatment, chemicals, service, etc.

  • Long-term rental

    No downpayment required
    Full control of costs
    Service included
    Highest security thanks to fixed contract period
    Payment of the first instalment in the fourth month after the conclusion of the contract

  • Instalment payment

    Higher liquidity
    A high degree of flexibility through the choice of contract period – between 3 and 18 months
    Payment of the first instalment in the fourth month after the conclusion of the contract