Why a rack conveyor dishwasher of the CTR series is the perfect solution for a company canteen: Falko Geis, Facility Manager at Avira Holding, Tettnang and his decision for Winterhalter.

Winterhalter rack conveyor dishwashers for company cafeterias


The number of internet users is rising daily, so it is only understandable that the number of virus attacks increases with it. Avira, a pioneer of computer security thus busies itself daily with virus hunting online. Analysing suspicious software, initiating protection measures and making the Internet just that much safer for millions of people. The Swabian software company has around 500 employees worldwide, of which 320 are located at the headquarters in Tettnang.

Avira not only has a modern canteen, but also two kitchenettes and its own company cafe for allowing encounters and exciting exchanges between the employees. In the company’s own canteen, breakfast and lunch are freshly prepared for up to 200 employees every day, because hunting viruses and protecting the digital lives of millions of people is hungry work.

There is often little time between breakfast and lunch to clean used trays, soiled dishes and pots and pans – not to mention the lack of space. The kitchen at Avira is very angular and has a very high volume of wash items at peak times. It was quickly clear what would be required for the new warewasher: It must be compact, it must be fast and it must ensure maximum hygiene safety!

Falko Geis – Facility Manager at Avira comments on the rack conveyor dishwasher

At Avira, up to 200 diners are catered for daily. Facility Manager Falko Geis is responsible for making sure that the kitchen can handle the rush even at peak times.


When it came to choosing a new warewasher, one thing was clear for Falko Geis: It has to be compact. And reliable and efficient. After all, the warewasher has to cope with a wide variety of wash items every day in a very confined space, while maintaining a constant level of hygiene safety. This is exactly where the CTR rack conveyor dishwasher excels: Modular system, customised configuration, for high volume of wash items at peak times.

The modular warewashing system was custom-designed for the kitchen. The CTR at Avira has a pre-wash zone M, which significantly increases the rack capacity and improves the wash result. As space is very limited in the kitchen, a corner drying zone was built in after the main and rinse zones, thus ensuring that the many plastic trays can dry even faster. Thanks to the exhaust air heat recovery, the energy from the warm exhaust air is used to pre-heat the inlet water. This reduces energy consumption, lowers operating costs and also improves the kitchen climate.

With CONNECTED WASH, the CTR is networked via WLAN and sends machine data to a server in real time. This provides the basis for optimising the washing process, increases the operating safety and helps to keep an eye on the service and maintenance schedules.

Around 200 employees eat in our company canteen every day. However, our kitchen is very small. With the CTR, we have found the ideal warewasher. Thanks to its modularity, it fits perfectly into our kitchen and can handle even large volumes of dishes in a short period of time.

The Winterhalter rack conveyor dishwasher in the Avira company cafeteria


Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Falko Geis, these are the main ones:

  • Handles the high volume of wash items for up to 200 meals per day in the shortest possible time
  • Modular system with corner conveyor ideal for small kitchens
  • Easy to use the machine
  • Energy from heat recovery for a pleasant room climate
  • Very good experience with Winterhalter in the past


Winterhalter rack conveyor dishwashers for company cafeterias and canteens


High washing performance with compact dimensions. Up to 195 racks per hour. Lower consumption values and lower operating costs. Maximum hygiene safety and a huge degree of flexibility. Thanks to the modular system, which enables the CTR to be easily planned, individually configured and retrofitted. The perfect solution for 100 to 400 diners.

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