Why a UC Series glasswasher is the perfect solution for the cocktail bar Flying Dutchmen Cocktails.

Winterhalter Glasswashing Case Study Cocktailbar Flying Dutchmen
Lave verre professionnel Winterhalter Bar Pub Cocktails


  • Several different glass types
  • Stubborn stains from sugar, egg white, botanicals, lipstick
  • Washing takes up service staff time
  • Limited space behind the bar


  • Warewasher: UC-S glasswasher
  • Water treatment: internal reverse osmosis device AT Excellence-i
  • Chemicals: Detergent F 420 e and rinse aid B 200 S
  • Racks: Glass racks made of plastic coated wire


  • Hygienically clean and brilliantly sparkling glasses
  • Short wash time: up to 25 glasses in less than two minutes
  • Glasses don’t have to be polished afterwards
  • Significantly less glass damage and breakage
  • Space-saving integrated glasswasher (460 cm wide) with integrated reverse osmosis

When we switched to the Winterhalter system solution for washing, I would never have imagined what a big difference it would make: now glasses come out of the machine sparkling clean in no time at all. Whichever glass it is. However dirty it is!

Timo Janse , Owner of Flying Dutchmen Cocktails
Lave verre professionnel Winterhalter UC Series


There’s a simple rule when it comes to glasswashing in cocktail bars: no two glasses are the same. And that’s the challenge. Winterhalter has developed a solution for this: the UC Series glasswashers. For hygienic cleanliness and streak-free shine.

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In December 2017, the cocktail bar Flying Dutchmen Cocktails opened in the Odeon, a listed building in the heart of Amsterdam. Timo Janse’s team welcomes their guests to a velvet green living room setting, ceilings with artful paintings, award-winning bartenders and an incredible selection of spirits. The bar has already won several awards, including “Top 10 Best Cocktail Bar Europe 2019”. They specialise in on neo-classical cocktails: with over 1,200 different spirits, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails offers the largest selection in the Netherlands.

Winterhalter Glasswashing Case Study Cocktailbar Flying Dutchmen Logo and Wall

The two owners Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse are considered to be among the best bartenders in the Netherlands and are also well-known in the international bartending scene. In Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, they introduce their guests to the world of cocktails using classics. Their concept is based on three pillars: preparing cocktails, education and training, and creating a true Dutch cocktail culture. To achieve this, the team teaches the art of mixology in training courses and workshops, shares the stories behind the cocktails, spirits and recipes, and shines a light on both the profession of bartending and the person behind the cocktails.


Winterhalter Glasswashing Cocktailbar Flying Dutchmen prepare Cocktails

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