Conveyor Dishwashers for commercial kitchens

The MT Series warewashers are in a class of their own: In addition to providing the best washing performance, they also offer the maximum level of investment security. In doing so, they set a new standard for flight-type dishwashers.

Winterhalter MT series conveyor dishwashers

A Top performance in all disciplines

For a conveyor dishwasher, the commercial kitchen is a modern pentathlon: it has to deliver a top performance in various individual disciplines. As well as a first-class wash result, hygiene is about meeting the strict requirements of DIN EN 17735. When it comes to economic efficiency, it is important to use resources as sparingly as possible. And in operation, simplicity, ergonomics and safety are essential. The MT series masters all this with flying colours and significantly extends its lead in a fifth discipline: With its modular system architecture and versatile options for conversion and retrofitting, it emerges as a clear winner in terms of ensuring maximum investment security.

MTR rack conveyor dishwashers

Different wash items in different quantities. Sometimes bunching at peak times, sometimes spread out over the whole day. This is where the MTR series rack conveyor dishwashers are in their element. With a capacity of up to 500 racks. With a wide range of options for conversion and retrofitting. And with exceptionally high economic efficiency.


MTF flight-type dishwashers

The same wash items every day. At the same times every day. Full performance and absolute reliability are always required. This is a job for the MTF series conveyor dishwashers from Winterhalter. They can handle up to 11,000 plates per hour. They can be flexibly converted and retrofitted. And they are extremely economical.

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