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Sparkling glasses, gleaming dishes, shiny cutlery, hygienic cups, or all of these together. The new PT, which comes in three machine sizes, can be adjusted to suit the dishes and their degree of soiling via the software settings. With a high-performance warewashing system and a well-designed hygiene concept, Winterhalter promises first-class wash results no matter how stubborn the dirt. The new S-shaped wash fields guarantee that the water is distributed over a wide area and the quadruple filtration system ensures the wash water remains clean at all times. “VarioPower” variable water pressure regulation adjusts the wash pressure precisely to the type of wash items and how dirty they are. 

Washing with the PT means washing efficiently: with low water consumption, optimised energy use, and optimally dosed chemicals. The EnergyLight waste water heat recovery system, which is fitted as standard, uses the energy from the waste water to heat the cold inlet water. The advantages: resources are conserved and up to 10% of energy costs are saved. The optionally available EnergyPlus exhaust air heat exchanger also uses the energy from the hot steam inside the machine to pre-heat the cold inlet water. This saves up to 15% of energy costs. In addition, considerably less steam escapes when the machine is opened. The PT Series can also be supplied with an optional driven wash field – a patented innovation from Winterhalter. Compared to the standard drive, the rinse water volume is reduced by 0.4 litres per wash cycle. And that means lower operating costs. 

“We would like to offer our customers a passthrough dishwasher that makes washing as easy as possible even under extreme conditions. A machine you can completely rely on in every situation”, explains CEO and owner of the Winterhalter group, Ralph Winterhalter. Connected Wash allows you to integrate the PT Series machines into your network and evaluate all the important operating data. Consequently, recommendations and actions are made that will help to optimise the washing process. CONNECTED WASH documents all data in a warewashers-log. This log records the evidence of full compliance with all relevant hygiene requirements according to HACCP.

“Simple and ergonomic operation of the warewasher is very important in times of staff shortages and frequently changing staff,” stresses Leonie Hengeler, International Product Manager. With a smart touch display with single-button operation, a language-neutral interface and self-explanatory pictograms, Winterhalter makes washing that little bit easier. The new optional automatic hood means the machine can be operated effortlessly and therefore offers a real reduction in work for the dishwashing staff. The hood is closed with a simple press of a button: via the display or an ergonomically positioned button. The wash cycle then starts automatically. At the end of the programme, the hood automatically opens to indicate that the wash cycle has finished. “Your dishwashing staff will enjoy the ease of operation,” says Hengeler.