Why a UC Series glasswasher is the perfect solution for a cocktail bar: Ferro F. Ceylan, owner of »Le Petit Coq« in Stuttgart, on his decision to opt for Winterhalter.

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Dark wood. Heavy curtains. Comfortable cushions. »Le Petit Coq« in Stuttgart is a typical American speakeasy in 20s and 30s style. The style and ambience has an unmistakable charm and creates a special atmosphere. Customers come here to meet friends, have a chat and relax.

And that goes pretty well with the drinks mixed by Ferro F. Ceylan and his team. The distinctive feature: »Le Petit Coq« not only has a selection of classic cocktails, but also some extraordinary creations with unusual names and rare ingredients.

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Ferro F. Ceylan and his team at »Le Petit Coq« offer their customers a repertoire of over 500 different cocktails. This includes numerous drinks in the category »Never heard of it – I’ll give it a try – Wow!«.


When it came to choosing a glasswasher for »Le Petit Coq«, Ferro F. Ceylan opted for an undercounter glasswasher from Winterhalter. He had already had very positive experiences with Winterhalter in other bars.

And as far as washing quality was concerned, the native of Stuttgart wanted to choose a reliable option from the outset – precisely because he uses lots of different glass types and works with egg whites and garnishes in some of his drinks. The UC Series glasswasher also meets all of his needs in terms of the limited space behind the bar: he was able to choose between four different sizes and integrate the machine perfectly into the bar.

He is 100% happy with this solution: »My UC-M is fast and the glasses never have any streaks or unpleasant glass odours after washing! The integrated heat recovery is also worth its weight in gold – because my customers don’t want to sit in a cloud of steam when I open the machine«

All this allows him and his team to concentrate on what’s most important at peak times: their customers. And perhaps the raspberry dust over the »Clover Club«, the candyfloss in the »Kitty Kitty Bang Bang« and the charred tobacco leaf in the »Triple Smoke«.

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Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Ferro F. Ceylan, these are the main ones:

  • Very good experience with Winterhalter in the past
  • First-class washing results even with egg whites and garnishes
  • Good room climate thanks to integrated heat recovery
  • Maximum reliability thanks to rapid service

My passion is mixing cocktails – not washing glasses. I need a machine that does that job perfectly. I can rely on my UC 100%!



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There’s a simple rule when it comes to glass washing: no two glasses are the same. And that’s precisely the challenge – especially when milk foam, lipstick, fruit pulp, garnishes and egg whites make cleaning even harder. Winterhalter has developed a professional solution for this: the UC Series glasswasher. For hygienic cleanliness, sparkle and shine. And for making a positive impression on your guests. 

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