A quick stop. In the morning, for a croissant and your first coffee of the day. For a quick snack at lunchtime. Or for grabbing a sandwich while filling up the tank. Almost every service station now has its own café. And it needs a professional solution for dirty dishes.

Winterhalter warewashers for service stations


A wide range of speciality coffees. Croissants, muffins and bagels. Sandwiches, slices of pizza and sausages. Service stations have continuously expanded over the years, with it now being the norm for them to include car washes, shops and cafés. These changes have been highly successful: the catering concept is welcomed by customers, who make full use of it. For a quick breakfast in the morning. For a snack at lunchtime. Or for a coffee when they fill up with fuel.

Service stations now use glasses, dishes, cutlery and other equipment. And that means they need a professional warewashing solution. Like all other businesses in the catering industry, first-class cleanliness and hygiene are essential. For perfect wash results in the shortest time. For an economical and space-saving warewashing solution. Winterhalter shows how it’s done.


Winterhalter undercounter warewashers for service stations


The cafés in service stations nowadays prepare hot and cold drinks, snacks and other food. As a result, the demands on a warewasher are high: it must deliver perfect results in one cycle with a wide range of wash items. In a short time. And it must fit neatly into a confined space. This is precisely why Winterhalter has developed the UC Series bistro washer.

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