Why an undercounter warewasher from the UC Series is the perfect solution for a café: Caroline & Roman Wocher, owners of the »Seeperle«, Langenargen, and their decision to opt for Winterhalter.

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Donauwelle cake. Bienenstich cake. Sachertorte. And the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. In the idyllic garden of the »Seeperle« café, customers sit surrounded by brightly coloured chrysanthemums and rose bushes. The Seeperle is a popular destination in Langenargen. No wonder, because the café is just a stone’s throw away from Lake Constance. The perfect stop-off for cyclists, walkers and locals. And it’s not just the café’s proximity to the lake that is impressive, it’s also the multitude of homemade cakes and tarts. Marble cake and damson crumble, raspberry cream and poppy seed cake.

Melanie Tortorelli is the confectioner at the Seeperle. She knows her craft as well as what her customers are looking for.
The owners and hosts are Caroline and Roman Wocher. They met and fell in love in their café. And they are proud of their little gem by the lake. They run the café and the adjoining hotel with a real sense of tradition and quality.

Caroline Wocher Café Seeperle

Caroline Wocher and her team offer customers in the Seeperle a colourful variety of sweet temptations. Both hot and cold.


The day-to-day coffee service is a challenge for Caroline Wocher. She needs everything at the same time: glasses, sundae dishes, cups, saucers, cutlery and plates. All with different soiling types. From proteins and coffee grounds to cream and tannins. And everything must be ready to use again immediately. That’s why there is a UC Series undercounter warewasher for bistro dishes in the kitchen. The machine has been specially developed for the challenge of different wash items and washes them all clean in one cycle. In under two minutes if necessary.

The utensils from the confectioner’s shop are also washed in the UC bistro in the evening – sieves, whisks, cake rings. And everything comes out of the machine as clean as the cups and glasses. When things quieten down a bit, the ECO programme can be used. The machine then runs a little longer, but helps the husband and wife team to save on operating costs in the long term. The two are also extremely happy with the customer service they have received from Winterhalter. The response has been fast and problems are solved easily. The Winterhalter warewashing solution has never left them in the lurch.

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Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Caroline Wocher, these are the main ones:

  • Cutlery, dishes and glasses hygienically clean and sparkling in one cycle
  • One programme for mixed wash items and two further programmes for separate washing of glasses and cutlery
  • ECO programme
  • Customer service that always has a solution

When my parents-in-law opened the hotel in 1999, they opted for a Winterhalter warewasher. It is still serving us well. We have been impressed by the quality and have since purchased another UC.



Winterhalter bistro washers for cafés and bistros


In cafés and bistros, a wide variety of drinks and dishes are prepared. The demands on a warewasher are correspondingly high: it must deliver perfect results in one cycle with a wide range of wash items. In a short time. And it must fit neatly into a confined space. This is precisely why Winterhalter has developed the UC Series bistro washer.

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