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The coronavirus outbreak is currently presenting us all with major challenges. In the current situation, it is therefore particularly important to us to provide you with clarity and the most important information. 

For all Winterhalter dishwashers hygiene certificates of compliance with DIN Spec 10534 are available. This means that washing in correctly operated Winterhalter machines using sufficient dosages of suitable detergent is safe with regard to coronavirus.

The washing conditions in our machines not only ensure the removal of stubborn contaminants, such as grease, starch, proteins etc., but also the reliable inactivation of potentially pathogenic enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses and influenza viruses.
The microbiological and hygienic requirements of DIN SPEC 10534:2012-08 are reliably met by our warewashers. When paired successfully with local hygiene concepts (including the HACCP regulation), especially with regard to the careful handling of contaminated dishes, the spread of germs in the kitchen can therefore be restricted extremely efficiently.
The Robert Koch Institute has also published a recommendation for hygiene measures. This states that contaminated dishes can be cleaned "as usual".

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

We wish you all the best. We hope that you are coping well with the current situation and above all WE WOULD LIKE TO WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR HEALTH!