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The dishwashing specialist Winterhalter has unveiled the next generation of its new UC Series, undercounter warewashers. Winterhalter promises perfect wash results, intuitive operation and complete safety and reliability. The long-standing technology and market leader therefore describes the new UC Series as a “masterpiece.”

Undercounter warewasher of the UC Series

“Our aim was to design the best warewasher in its class. We completely revised our tried and tested UC Series and refined every detail to get the maximum out of it. The result is a professional tool for commercial warewashing. A piece of engineering art. A glimpse of the future”, says Managing Director Ralph Winterhalter.

The basic concept of the UC has proven itself over many years and has made the series extremely successful: one machine technology for four different applications. Customers have their UC customised precisely to their specific needs as a glasswasher, dishwasher, cutlery washer or bistro warewasher in one of four sizes: S, M, L or XL. Each UC comes with variable water pressure as standard: “VarioPower” adjusts the washing pressure precisely to the type of wash items and how dirty they are. Soiling is effectively removed – while the dishes are treated gently.

Lower energy consumption and better cost-effectiveness, combined with a better room climate: customers can benefit from the efficiency gains offered by the patented Energy circulating air heat recovery system in the new UC Series, too. Every machine is available with the integrated Energy function as an option.

In addition to the proven one-button operation, the UC has a smart touch display. Self-explanatory pictograms and a clear user interface mean that the display is particularly user-friendly. The smartphone gesture controls also make operating the machine easier. The display is so sensitive that it is easy to operate even when wearing gloves. The surface is made of extremely strong glass and has been tested under extreme conditions for the heavy demands of the kitchen.

Head of International Product Management Jens Steck explains more: “The new UC Series is even more economical to operate: the flow-optimised wash field with new nozzle geometry reduces water consumption by up to 25 percent compared to the previous model. Consumption of electricity and chemicals consequently drop, further reducing overall operating costs.”

The new generation of the UC Series can be networked with a computer or mobile device via CONNECTED WASH which sends machine and operating data to a server virtually in real time. Winterhalter customers have access to the CONNECTED WASH app on their computer, tablet or smartphone. This enables consistent analysis and evaluation of all the important operating data. CONNECTED WASH now makes it possible to optimise the entire washing process and thus offers a higher level of safety and efficiency in the kitchen.

Ralph Winterhalter concludes: “All our knowledge, our experience over the last 70 years and our passion has gone into the new UC Series. It has been developed with an eye to the future, equipped with the latest technology and is ready for digital networking. Every detail is of the highest quality. We have aligned everything precisely to our customers’ requirements and wishes. It’s the masterpiece of its class.”

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