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Solid detergent for transport dishwashers

Strong cleaning power, low consumption, maximum efficiency.

Solidos is a highly concentrated cleaner in powder form. It guarantees not only first-class cleanliness, but also maximum safety. Solidos is also more economical than conventional liquid cleaners. With Solidos, you avoid direct contact with chemicals and mixing up detergent and rinse aid. Work ergonomically and safely.

Detergent S 565 e

  • powdery cleaner with material protection
  • actively defoaming
  • especially suitable for demanding material like aluminum

Detergent S 6600 e

  • powdered cleaner with intensive cleaning power
  • contains odorless bleaching component, actively defoaming
  • EU-Ecolabel certified

Detergent S 8400 +

  • powdered cleaner with bleaching component
  • effective against discolorations and protein residues
  • actively defoaming
We want you to use the optimal washing chemicals for your application. Work with one of our chemical experts to identify which detergent and rinse aid will deliver hygienic and sparkling wash results for you. Simply call or email us.


Cleanliness and hygiene. Each one of our products plays its part. Together they deliver the perfect wash result. Welcome to the complete Winterhalter system

Winterhalter warewashers


For cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standard: commercial warewashers for a wide range of industries. High quality and completely reliable.

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Winterhalter water treatment


Tailored precisely to your needs and the local water quality: the right water treatment system. Integrated into the machine or as an external device. For sparkling wash results and optimal machine protection.  

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Winterhalter wash racks


Suitable for any machine. Customised for every type of wash item. Made of plastic, plastic coated wire or stainless steel. The right wash rack provides perfect results and protects your wash items.

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