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Cutlery washing in the foodservice industry

No streaks. No spots. Perfectly cleaned and hygienic cutlery. Brilliantly shiny results without polishing. Straight from the machine. This is the way to wash cutlery!

Winterhalter cutlery washer – Polish-free and clean cutlery
Winterhalter cutlery washer - Sparkling cutlery

Polish-free cutlery washing has a long history at Winterhalter.

As warewashing specialists, we developed a cutlery washing solution very early on. Our customers’ needs were clear: clean and sparkling cutlery that did not have to be polished by hand. Thus, the first Winterhalter commercial cutlery washer was launched to the market back in 1983. Further development over several decades has resulted in today’s benchmark for cutlery washing: a sophisticated system used successfully by caterers all over the world. And our customers’ needs have not changed since then. Quite the opposite, in fact: In these times of staff shortages, high energy prices and soaring costs, polish-free cutlery straight from the warewasher is more important than ever.

What are the advantages of cutlery washing with Winterhalter?

Polish-free wash results

Immaculately clean and sparkling knives, forks and spoons. Up to 120 pieces of cutlery per rack. No hand polishing required.

Intelligent system

All-in-one system with washing, rinsing and drying. No need for an additional polishing machine or complicated mechanical systems. So, no additional costs.

Complete hygiene safety

Hygienically washed cutlery. Compliant with the requirements of DIN EN 17735. For certified hygiene safety.


Sparkling cutlery straight from the machine. No need for laborious and time-consuming hand polishing.

Lower costs

Polish-free cutlery washing in a single machine. Efficiency at the push of a button. For cost-effective operation and reduced staff wages.

Maximum reliability

Simplifying the technical complexity to its essential elements minimises the occurrence of faults and ensures optimal reliability.

The system for cutlery washing

Most suppliers of commercial warewashing systems use a combination of machine, water treatment, rack and chemicals. But that alone does not produce good results. It is vital that all of these components are perfectly suited to the wash item materials and shapes, and that they all work in unison. Only then can they make a truly effective team. This solution becomes so perfect that it achieves first-class wash results without the requirement for additional technology. Winterhalter has perfected this systematic approach: Caterers the world over put their trust in the warewashing specialist’s intelligent system for cutlery washing.

Winterhalter cutlery washer


UC Series cutlery washers in sizes S, M, L and XL. Also available in the space-saving UC Excellence-i model with built-in reverse osmosis. 

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Winterhalter cutlery washer - Reverse osmosis

Water treatment

AT Excellence-S external reverse osmosis device. Limescale-free and salt-free osmosis water leaves cutlery brilliantly shiny without polishing.
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Winterhalter cutlery washer - Cutlery rack

Wash rack

Plastic coated wire cutlery racks in sizes 400 x 400 mm and 500 x 500 mm. Up to nine holders depending on the model. For up to 120 pieces of cutlery.
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Winterhalter cutlery washer - Chemicals


Highly concentrated F 420 e liquid detergent for stainless steel and F 720 BLUe gentle detergent for silver. Plus B 200 S rinse aid for optimum drying. 
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For cutlery washing, we rely on an intelligent system that requires no additional devices or special mechanics. This is because the results are perfect. And because we want to give our customers the simplest, most streamlined and most cost-effective solution possible.

Johannes Lichtenberger, Product Manager International

The path to polish-free cutlery.

How does Winterhalter ensure that knives, forks and spoons come out of the warewasher with a brilliant shine? The secret is a complex combination of various factors. In a nutshell: during the washing process, the water and a special cutlery detergent ensure that all soiling is effectively removed. The cutlery is held vertically in the rack holders for perfect washing on all sides. The high water pressure aids the cleaning process, keeps the cutlery moving gently and, in combination with the innovative jet geometry, prevents spray shadows from forming.

Winterhalter cutlery washer - Cutlery being washed

Rinse aid and water treatment show their full effect in the final rinse: The water film runs off cleanly and no stains remain on the cutlery thanks to the osmosis water, from which up to 98 per cent of all salts and minerals have been removed. Thanks to the high water temperature the cutlery has now absorbed so much thermal energy that even the smallest traces of water dry off without residue.

Winterhalter cutlery washer - Spotless cutlery

As a result, the cutlery emerges from the machine perfectly clean, dry and shiny, eliminating the need for a separate polishing machine, which can be impractical due to space constraints. The need for hand polishing is also eliminated, which is unfeasible due to time constraints, staff shortages, and hygiene concerns.

Winterhalter cutlery washer - Sparkling clean and polish-free cutlery

Cutlery washing can be that simple

❶ Fill the rack

Knives, spoons and forks are loaded upright, into the cutlery rack holders. This means they are cleaned perfectly from all sides and the water can drain off completely after washing.

❷ Start the programme

All relevant parameters in the cutlery programme, such as temperature, wash pressure, wash time and chemical dosage, are specially tailored to cleaning stainless steel and silver cutlery.

❸ Remove the sparkling cutlery

After just a few minutes, the cutlery can be removed and put away or reused immediately – hygienically clean and gleaming. No hand polishing is required.

The hallmarks of a professional cutlery washer

Cutlery washing tips and tricks

Wash silver items separately

Do not wash pieces of cutlery made of silver together with stainless steel cutlery.
Chemical reactions can damage the silver and silver cutlery requires a particularly gentle detergent.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Wash silver separately

Wash cutlery promptly

Wash cutlery as soon as possible after use. The longer you wait, the more the dirt dries and can attack the material, resulting in discolouration and surface damage.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Wash cutlery promptly

Soak if necessary

If not being washed immediately, collect the cutlery in a container and soak in warm water. Use the special cutlery cleaner A 100 e. It pre-cleans the cutlery using enzymes, making it particularly gentle to materials and skin.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Soak if necessary

Rinse off large pieces of food residues

Rinse off any large pieces of food residues before loading the cutlery into the rack. This improves the wash result.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Remove food residues

Load the cutlery correctly

Load a mix of knives, forks and spoons into the holders with the handles placed downwards. This ensures that the cutlery is optimally wetted with wash water and prevents spray shadows. Exception: load very sharp knives in the holders with the blades pointing downwards to avoid any possible risk of injury when removing them.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Load cutlery correctly

Leave to cool briefly

After washing, remove the rack from the machine immediately and leave to stand for a short time. This allows the cutlery to cool a little and makes it easier to remove.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Let cutlery cool down

Refresh the shine

If stainless steel cutlery tarnishes and becomes dull over time, you can restore its original sparkle by giving it a renovation clean. To do so, place the cutlery in an immersion bath containing hot water and cutlery cleaner A 30 CT.

Winterhalter cutlery washer tips - Restore the shine