Bars, pubs and breweries are the lifeblood of a community. It’s the place of community gatherings, where we unwind with friends and family, celebrate or mourn. Whether you’re a large brewery, a small dive bar or just your average pub, there is no disputing the necessity of a local watering hole. Bars, breweries and pubs come in different sizes and forms, but they all have one thing in common; they can get swamped. During these times, things can get overwhelming, and the simplest thing can be the barrier of smooth service: a steady supply of sparkling glassware without polishing.


There’s one thing a bar is never short of – drinks. Each drink desires the perfect glass for the perfect experience, and a glass shortage can be a nightmare. From stemmed glasses, tulips, flutes, tumblers, highballs, red and white wine glasses, shot glasses, tasting glasses and hurricanes, to name a few, there’s a lot of washing. Their varying shapes could also be the difference between a clean and gleamingly clean glass. Compromising on the glass compromises on the drink and the experience. That’s where Winterhalter comes in: one machine for all. Perfectly clean, odourless, sparkling dry glasses that don’t require polishing every two minutes. Moreover, bars can be limited in their space but experience a wide variety of soiling – from fruit pulp and egg whites to lipstick stains – and experience many breakages. Winterhalter takes care of all of this so that every service can run as smoothly as possible.

Sparkling results at all times due
to the integrated reverse osmosis

Cleanliness and hygiene

Economical and efficient

Reliable performance:
eliminate hand polishing




No matter the glass – delicate champagne flutes, sturdy beer tankards, goblets, long-stemmed wine glasses, coup, whiskey glass, engraved glasses, embossed glasses – there’s a straightforward rule for glass washing: no two glasses are the same. And that’s precisely the challenge – especially when milk foam, lipstick, fruit pulp, garnishes and egg whites make cleaning even harder. Winterhalter has developed a professional solution for this: the UC Series glasswasher. For hygienic cleanliness, sparkle and shine. And for making a positive impression on your guests. There’s one solution for all. The under-counter glasswasher is compact – perfect for small or large bars – economic, efficient – giving you perfectly polished, sparkling glasses straight from the dishwasher in under two minutes – and user-friendly.



An all-rounder, racks full of dirty glassware, sauce-stained plates, cheese crusted cutlery and oily utensils are loaded onto the inlet table. The wash cycle starts, and then clean dishes are taken out on the other side. Everything is perfectly coordinated, with no compromises. The PT Series makes it happen: designed to meet the highest demands and streamlined for maximum economy. Simple, efficient, fast, totally reliable and available in three machine sizes to suit any pub, bar or brewery.


How does Winterhalter help the Beach Hotel?


With such a lively venue, the Beach Hotel relies on Winterhalter’s MTR, CTR and PT Workhorse. The trio of machines assist the Beach Hotel in serving hundreds of guests a night. Winterhalter’s MTR is used to remove the toughest soiling – cheese encrusted plates, greasy utensils and dirty cutlery. The MTR warewasher is primarily used to handle the large amount of heavily soiled, baked on pots, pans and oven trays. The MTR was built to handle the heavy duty warewashing requirements of the Beach Hotel. Additionally, the CTR guarantees sparkling clean glassware is always in rotation at the venue. As with any pub, all glasses served to customers – aside from the water glass – are single-use. This ensures that dozens of drinks are leaving the bar every minute – resulting in dozens of dirty glasses entering the kitchen at any given minute. The CTR assists the Beach Hotel in optimising their glasswashing system, therefore optimising their service. With their speed and power, they assist the Beach Hotel in serving hundreds of happy customers nightly.

Most importantly, however, the PT Workhorse guarantees hygienically clean crockery is used at the Beach Hotel. The venue upgraded from an Undercounter glasswasher to the PT workhorse, as they needed a machine that was more ergonomic, fast and delivered perfect results. Moreover, with the exhaust air heat recovery and wastewater heat recovery, combined with the driven rinse system found in the PT Workhorse, Beach Hotel can cut down on both their energy and water consumption – saving them thousands a year. These savings justify the additional unit and frees up the MTR to focus on heavily soiled pots and pans to ensure the warewashing system used at the Beach Hotel is optimised. Additionally, the quadruple filtration system and AT water treatment system guarantee perfectly polished, sparkling clean and dry crockery straight from the machine every two minutes. Finally, with Variopower at the helm – ensure that every dish, fork, knife and spoon is washed to its exact requirements. Customers can enjoy the fun-loving environment at the Beach Hotel without worry about the speed of service or the level of hygiene.

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