Various applications. In various industries. With various requirements. But always with the same aim: a professional warewashing solution. Precisely tailored to the individual situation. Like those from Winterhalter.

Winterhalter industry solutions


Over 60 years of knowledge and experience in warewashing. Customers throughout the world. In every industry. Big and small. Winterhalter is the specialist in warewashing. We know the requirements and preferences of our customers. We know what makes them tick. What their day-to-day work is like and the rules that apply to their business. Through close dialogue with our customers, we have developed solutions that are tailored precisely to various industries.

Winterhalter warewashers for mass catering


Large volumes of dishes to wash. Fast paced. Cost-effective. And, of course, cleanliness and hygiene. These are requirements on the warewashing solution when large numbers of people have to be catered for in a short time. As a specialist in warewashing, we know the requirements of our customers in the mass catering sector. We develop solutions for a professional and efficient washing process.


Do you have questions about our products, finance options or about the topic of hygiene? Do you need support with planning your kitchen or organising your washing process? Our dishwasher experts are on hand to provide you with advice and practical assistance.

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Whether you have a problem with your machine, you need a spare part or you have a question about our maintenance contracts, we are here to help.

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