Why a passthrough warewasher from the PT Series is the perfect solution for a bakery: Jochen Baier, owner of »Bäcker Baier« in Herrenberg, and his decision to opt for Winterhalter.



The smell of fresh bread fills the air. The display in the shop in Herrenberg is full of delicacies. Great bread, with a nice light flavour and a wonderful fresh smell. For most people, that’s something really special. The »Bäcker Baier« in Herrenberg has been making delicious bread and other fine baked goods since 1835.

The quality of its baked goods starts out in the field. All of the grain comes from one of the oldest Demeter farms in Baden-Württemberg. Every loaf that is baked here has its own special character. Thanks to recipes passed down through generations, an unmistakable sourdough and long fermentation times. »Bäcker Baier« preserves tradition, and has been proudly perfecting and innovating its craft over six generations.

Jochen Baier Bäcker Baier

Jochen Baier chooses to combine the traditional with the modern. In his new bakery and café, he offers his customers delicious bread and baked goods made entirely from organic grain.


Jochen Baier has decided to re-interpret his traditional craft in a modern way. And has built a new bakery in the heart of Herrenberg. As a businessman, it was extremely important to him to find reliable and strong partners for this new building. That’s why, when it came to selecting a warewashing solution, he opted for Winterhalter.

Along with the new bakery, a café was opened which seats 70 inside and 70 outside. For the first time, staff had to deal with the washing of glasses and dishes. An entirely new challenge for the bakery. This made a competent partner all the more important. A partner who is reliable and focused on quality. And with plenty of experience in all areas of warewashing.

Jochen Baier’s new Winterhalter fleet totals six machines. Naturally, ecology and efficiency are core values for the »Bäcker Baier«. In every investment in technology, Jochen Baier prioritises sustainability. When it came to purchasing the PT Series passthrough warewasher for the café, the low power and water consumption, along with the impressive wash results, were deciding factors. And thanks to the space-saving corner installation, large volumes of dishes can now be washed easily despite the limited space in the kitchen. Quickly and reliably.

Reference Bäcker Baier Winterhalter passthrough warewasher customer benefits


Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Jochen Baier, these are the main ones:

  • Water and energy savings thanks to the sustainability of the machines
  • Corner installation option facilitates efficient working
  • Extremely reliable warewashing solution partner
  • System provider which offers customers all-round support

When it comes to any investment in technology, our core values of ecology and efficiency play an important role. The PT is therefore perfect for us and our requirements.



Winterhalter passthrough warewasher for bakers


Fast, economical, efficient. In a bakery, a dishwasher must be one hundred percent reliable. The PT Series from Winterhalter make this possible: its innovative technology is designed to meet the highest demands – and streamlined for maximum economy. An all-rounder for a wide range of wash items. Available in three different machine sizes. Your pace-setter.

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