Why a utensil washer from the UF Series is the perfect solution for a bakery: Jochen Baier, owner of »Bäcker Baier« in Herrenberg, and his decision to opt for Winterhalter.

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Three o’clock in the morning. »Bäcker Baier« is slowly coming to life. The bakery gets all of its important ingredients for baking great bread from an organic farm. Wheat and rye, milk, curd and eggs come from organic farms in the region. Making the most of nature’s bounty. The result is food of the highest quality, for body, mind and soul. And you can taste it.

The bakery in Herrenberg is the product of a solution that has been thought out down to the last detail. Short distances to cover and optimised workflows facilitate the work of staff at every stage of production. With the new building, Jochen Baier has turned his life’s dream of the perfect artisan bakery into a reality. The best bread is baked by giving the best baker the best working conditions.

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Our employees demonstrate their excellent craftsmanship every day. Together we want to continue to develop our skills and abilities.


Jochen Baier has decided to re-interpret his traditional craft in a modern way. And has built a new bakery in the heart of Herrenberg. As a businessman, it was extremely important to him to find reliable and strong partners for this new building. That’s why, when it came to selecting a warewashing solution, he opted for Winterhalter.
A UF Series utensil washer is used in the production area of the bakery. The robust and powerful package delivers consistently clean equipment thanks to its high washing pressure.

»Bäcker Baier« uses Winterhalter Crust Cracker for particularly stubborn dirt. The enzyme-based detergent deals with even burnt-on residue without any manual pre-cleaning. This saves time. And money.

A big help in the washing process: the Winterhalter rack dolly. One is now being used in every branch. The rack dolly is used to collect, pre-sort and transport utensils straight into the warewasher. Without any physical effort. After washing, the clean items are transported back into the workplace in the same ergonomic way. Hygienic wash results. Optimal washing process.

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Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Jochen Baier, these are the main ones:

  • UF Series in conjunction with Crust Cracker
  • Reduction in manual pre-washing work with considerable time and labour savings
  • Optimised workflows with one rack dolly in each branch
  • Easy cleaning of the interior of the machine thanks to fold-back door

Anyone familiar with the dishes and types of soiling that are the norm in a bakery will be well aware of the issues that can arise with the warewasher. During any hygiene inspection, it is the corners that are the focus. For me it was particularly important to make these inaccessible areas accessible. The fold-back door on the UF Series still thrills and fascinates me today. It allows you to reach every corner and every crevice. 



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When washing becomes a challenge, the UF series from Winterhalter is in its element. Robust design. With plenty of power for stubborn dirt. And some innovative features. For excellent wash results and maximum hygiene. Suitable for a variety of wash items thanks to a choice of three machine sizes. Do you need to wash utensils and other equipment? The UF is the machine for you.

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