Why a utensil washer from the UF Series is the perfect solution for a butchery: Ralf Buchmann, manager of the »Buchmann« butchery in Grünkraut, and his decision to opt for Winterhalter.

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Juicy steaks, sausages and delicious cooked meats are produced every day at »Buchmann« butcher's shop in Grünkraut. Every work stage, from incoming goods, through processing, packaging, storage and shipping, is subject to strict quality controls. This allows Ralf Buchmann and his employees to guarantee their customers freshness and quality. In doing so, the businessman combines the traditional butcher’s craft with the latest technology and contemporary quality management.

Fresh quality is ensured by daily slaughterings and the daily production of fresh sausages. The goods are packaged every week day and delivered directly to the customers. The butcher also places high quality demands on his warewashing solution – because the highest hygiene standards are a must in all areas.

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»Buchmann« butcher's shop operates in accordance with an internal HACCP concept which complies fully with EU regulations. This makes it possible to offer the freshness and quality that customers expect.


A butchery depends on strict compliance with all hygiene standards. Only then can quality and freshness in product preparation be ensured. Ralf Buchmann, the manager of »Buchmann« butcher's shop, also sets these quality standards for his shop’s warewashing solution. This is why he opts for a UF Series utensil washer to clean the utensils in his shop. This ensures he achieves excellent wash results and maximum hygiene.

Wherever food is being worked with, hygiene standards apply. The UF ensures that these are attained: through a well conceived machine interior that is extremely easy to clean. The fold-back door, rack dolly and a rack that folds up make cleaning, loading and unloading the machine easier. Extremely easy operation and efficient workflows are guaranteed.

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Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Ralf Buchmann, these are the main ones:

  • Compliance with HACCP hygiene standards
  • Simple to use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Enables staff to work quickly

Baking residues and sausage meat are difficult to remove and have to be dissolved them in order to clean the dishes. This requires good equipment and utensils. Ultimately, everything has to be both visually clean as well as free from bacteria.



Winterhalter utensil washers for butchery


When washing becomes a challenge, the UF series from Winterhalter is in its element. Robust design. With plenty of power for stubborn dirt. And innovative features: for excellent wash results and maximum hygiene. Suitable for a variety of wash items thanks to a choice of three machine sizes. Do you need to wash utensils and other equipment? The UF is the machine for you.

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