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When it comes to maximum versatility, you cannot look past Winterhalter’s UC Masterpiece. Flexibility, versatility and cleanliness, all in one machine. Winterhalter’s most compact warewasher guarantees maximum hygiene without sacrificing any space in the kitchen. So whether you are looking for a specialised solution – such as a designated utensil, glass, cutlery, dish washer – or an overall warewashing solution, the UC Masterpiece is the answer. Designed to be a chameleon in the kitchen, Winterhalter’s UC Masterpiece will exceed all expectations.

Traditionally, offices, even larger offices, choose domestic machines for all their warewashing needs. Unlike in the office, the machines that we use at home are designed to be used, at most, once a day and at the end of the night. This is because they aren’t made as durable as a professional solution, allowing their initial cost to be slashed. However, unlike a professional machine such as the UC Masterpiece, domestic machines have a higher consumption of chemicals, energy and water. Additionally, domestic machines aren’t as powerful or resilient as a professional machine. This could mean machines break down more often and dishes need to be washed more than once. As a result, in the long term, this could cost companies more to operate, fix and maintained.


Completely customisable: A machine to suit all needs

Winterhalter’s UC series was designed to adapt to any environment based on the concept of 'one machine for all'. Available in four sizes - small, medium, large and extra-large – the compact machine can be retrofitted seamlessly under the counter or installed as a stand-alone machine at the perfect operating level for your workspace. For those who opt for the standalone machine – retrofitted at perfect operating height - the space underneath can also be utilised as accessory storage if desired. Winterhalter’s UC warewashers can function as an all-around bistro washer or be configured as a specialised machine. The UC Masterpiece can be transformed into a designated bottle washer, glasswasher, dishwasher, utensil, or cutlery washer.

Moreover, the numerous accessories and rack configurations allow the UC Masterpiece to adapt to your needs perfectly. Seamlessly swap from a long-stemmed wine glass rack to a rack configured for commercial trays. Adjusting the machine's settings, from washing the delicate wine glasses to cleaning heavily soiled industrial trays, is just as easy with a button push. Each UC Masterpiece comes with three pre-set programmes. These programmes include an intensive cycle for stubborn soiling, an eco cycle to maximise economy, an extra quiet cycle for a moment of silence, and descaling and self-cleaning programmes. Users can also set their own programmes tailored to the specific needs of their business.

Small but advanced: A compact machine that doesn’t compromise on power

Winterhalter’s engineers never compromise on function. The UC Masterpiece may be compact, but that doesn't mean it lacks utility. The elliptical wash fields found inside the top and bottom of the UC Masterpiece are specially created to be the perfect size and shape to ensure that water coverage of wares is maximised during each cycle.

All UC warewashers also come equipt with VarioPower, ensuring that the wash pressure is varied depending on the type of wares and the level of soiling. For example, delicate glassware is washed at a lower pressure whilst sturdier wares such as pots and pans are washed at a higher pressure. VarioPower works in combination with the integrated reverse osmosis to ensure that wares leave the machine visibly unblemished and polished. By removing 90% of particles in the wash water, reverse osmosis ensures that businesses don't need to sacrifice time and staff hand polishing – making certain all wares don't just feel clean but look clean.

Additionally, engineers designed the UC series to be as user-friendly as possible. Each machine features a smart-touch display and colour-coded progress indicator. The devices is also operated via a single button and language-neutral programmes. Anyone can easily use the machine with its intuitive design.

Moreover, specialised software has been created for Winterhalter warewashers – the Connected Wash. This software ensures users are always aware of the status of their machine, no matter where they are in the world. Connected Wash allows users to check up on their device, be alerted to any critical errors and optimise the usage of their Warewasher. In addition, the state-of-the-art technology allows users to opt for smaller, space-saving warewashers without compromising on the wash result.

How do companies utilise the UC Masterpiece?

Winterhalter isn’t just made for the hospitality industry, its versatility is limitless. Many companies throughout Australia, big or small, rely on Winterhalter to ensure everything runs smoothly in the kitchen. Two companies that rely on Winterhalter’s UC Masterpiece are small Melbourne marketing firm, RW Marketing, and one of Australia’s big four banks, Westpac.

RW Marketing, despite their size, features a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and coffee bar in their office. Both of which are kept clean with the help of their under-counter warewasher. Impressed with its power and versatility, RW Marketing upgraded its UC-L to a UC X-L. From morning coffee rushes, bottle washing, equipment cleaning, the washing of plastic wares and glassware to ensuring crockery and cutlery remain in circulation at catered events, and heavily stained utensils are pristinely cleaned at the end of the night, the versatility of the UC Masterpiece XL knows no bounds. The intuitive design of the machine ensures that RW Marketing does not need to hire more staff to operate their Winterhalter warewasher. Moreover, the quick speed of each cycle promises visibly unblemished wash results and guarantees that cleaning is almost as easy as making a mess.

Westpac on the other hand, have 30 UC Masterpieces throughout their large city office. With Winterhalter’s advance technology, the machines are designed to turn on at 7:30am every morning. By 8:00am sharp, the machine is ready for use within the office – just in time for their workers to start their day. Throughout the day, the machine’s short minute cycles, guarantee that workers can keep kitchenettes spotless.

Both companies can easily enjoy the benefits of owning a cost-effective machine. Moreover, the minimal consumption of resources ensure office workers and managers can wash without guilt. Moreover, the efficient design of the machine ensures that both RW Marketing and Westpac receives an industrial strength clean without the industrial costs.

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