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Visiting a winery is a classic Australian weekend activity. Whether you’re off to an event, taking the kids on an adventure, or a weekend getaway, the winery is the perfect place to go. Australian wineries offer so much more than a good glass of red or white. They often feature exquisite menus, gorgeous views, and a lot of space for children to play. The picturesque scenery is the perfect backdrop for every event, and the variety of wines each winery features make it fun for everyone involved. With wine regions featured in every state and over 60 designated wine regions nationally, it’s no wonder the domestic market is worth over $3 billion.

It might be astonishing to hear, but what attracts people to wineries and what sells wine at wineries isn't what’s in the bottle – it's the atmosphere. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc served in a plastic cup is worlds away from one served in a sparkling tall wine glass. Perception is everything - if you're looking to set your product apart from the rest, treat your wines like the premium product. Create an ambient atmosphere, lay out the best wines and set the table with the shiniest flight of wine glasses. Don't leave any room for error, as even the slightest mark on a sparkling glass can ruin the entire experience. Such a mistake can turn the experience from something memorable and pleasing to something unforgettably unpleasant. Invest in an excellent warewasher to leave nothing to chance.


How does Winterhalter help these wineries?

Winterhalter products are notorious in wineries worldwide for one simple reason: they are the worldwide glasswashing specialists. Unlike other companies, Winterhalter offers a complete warewashing system. They guarantee first-class wash results from attentive customer service, quick installations, maintenance services, and specially designed chemicals and accessories.


In particular, Winterhalter has specially designed a warewashing solution for sparkling, polish-free glassware. Sparkling glasses are crucial to the winery experience. With Winterhalter’s polish-free glasswashers, wineries can cut expenses without cutting corners. On average, winery staff spend two hours hand-polishing glassware, with at least two breakages occurring each time. Winterhalter’s glasswasher removes the need for hand polishing whilst saving wineries an average of $1469.40 per month. These savings pay off the Winterhalter warewasher in less than a year and allow vintners to focus on what’s really important – the wine.

UC series – Undercounter Glasswasher

If there’s one thing the decades of experience have taught Winterhalter, it's that no two glasses are the same. From delicate champagne flutes, long-stemmed wine glasses, and engraved or embossed glassware to water glasses, individual washing solutions for each type of glass are required. Still, they all need to be sparkling clean.

As a result, Winterhalter has developed a professional solution: the UC Series glasswasher - a machine designed with wineries in mind. The UC glasswasher can be retrofitted to your space whether you have ample or limited space. It's a customised solution that can learn three standard programmes adapted to your individual needs. The UC glasswasher features "VarioPower" to ensure delicate glasses are washed at low pressure whilst sturdier glasses are washed at high pressure. It also automatically adjusts wash times and temperatures and measures detergent and rinse aid to ensure gentle cleaning that protects any decals on the glassware. With the Winterhalter glasswasher, you can guarantee the perfect impression upon guests time and time again.

Most importantly, UC glasswashers offers the reverse osmosis feature, which is the key to producing sparkling glasses and shining cutlery - without any extra hand polishing – as it provides the highest standards in water quality available. With the AcquaOpt function, water is treated to the desired quality following each wash break. In addition, customers can opt for the UC Excellence-iPlus, which features an additional integrated softener and VarioAqua to automatically safeguard glasses with osmosis water and dishes with softened water.


Tailor-made from beginning to end

Winterhalter has worked hard to tailor the warewashing experience – from start to finish. This includes their customer service, who are impeccably trained to find the perfect warewashing solution, to the specially designed chemicals, all the way to the preventative maintenance programs. Moreover, Winterhalter has developed an entire product range to address all your water treatment needs. From simple water softening, via partial or complete demineralisation, through to reverse osmosis, all integrated into the machine or as an external device. Each device is tailored precisely to your needs and the local water quality. The result is sparkling glasses without any need to polish, radiant cutlery and shining plates. Winterhalter guarantees you the perfect solution to all your warewashing needs.

“The Winterhalter Glasswasher has effectively removed/replaced a staff member, which makes it incredibly cost-effective and more reliable. The washers are great - everything comes off the glasses - lipstick, wine stains and they come up so beautifully. 
Also, I find that we don't run out of glassware - which is really important given that we can serve a couple of hundred patrons a night.”
Simon Denman - Owner, Neighborhood Wine, Fitzroy Melbourne

“We are one of the leading cellar doors in Australia with around 150,000 visitors each year. We regularly see groups of 80 people arriving for tastings, and once they are done, we then have to re-set almost immediately for the next large group. Having a Winterhalter glasswasher is a God-send. It frees me and my staff up to sell opportunities to customers, rather than using that time to stand and polish glasses or check that they are good enough to go out to customers. With no need to polish we save hours in staff costs and makes us much more efficient in delivering top-notch service to our customers.”

Nick Meyer - Wine Ambassador for Jacobs Creek

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