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“It has to be compact because there’s generally not a lot of space in the kitchen. It has to be fast because there’s a lot to wash at peak times. It has to be modular so that it can be tailored precisely to individual wishes”, says Managing Partner Ralph Winterhalter, summing up the development requirements for the new CTR rack conveyor dishwasher. “And naturally it is important to our customers that it is economical to operate and energy efficient.”

The result is the new CTR which delivers first-class wash results even for large loads in spite of its compact dimensions.
Among other things, this is ensured by the well thought-out hygiene concept: in addition to the tried-and-tested Winterhalter hygienic design, the preset hygienic mode is another innovative feature. If the tank or boiler temperature falls below the set value, the machine automatically reduces the transport speed, thus ensuring a hygienic wash. “This is confirmed by the hygiene certificate in accordance with DIN SPEC 10534. The CTR ensures our customers are always on the safe side”, emphasises Ralph Winterhalter.

The anatomy of the machine has also been designed with hygiene as a top priority: 180° swiveling doors, deep-drawn tanks as well as new and – unique in this segment – hygiene tank heaters. Product Manager Norman Kammler adds: “In spite of its high transport speed of up to 195 racks per hour, an economical and environmentally friendly wash is guaranteed.” This is because it has been possible to reduce the fresh water consumption during rinsing by up to 50 percent – to a minimum of just 130 litres per hour. Consumption of electricity and chemicals also drops as a result – which further minimises the overall operating costs. This is achieved by the speed-dependent control of the rinse water volume, which automatically adapts to the transport speed and the washing situation.

Particularly for confined spaces, the modular system of the CTR offers many options for individual planning, and thus allows a high degree of flexibility. Norman Kammler: “One of the great strengths of the CTR is the way in which all zones can be freely configured and retrofitted – for example, if the requirements of our customers change after installation.”

Improved safety and greater efficiency in the kitchen; the CTR will be able to be networked with a computer or mobile device via CONNECTED WASH in the future. Ralph Winterhalter: “Our customers thus have the possibility of systematically analysing and evaluating all important operating data.”

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