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  • 15.11.2021
  • 2 min

The Sinner circle - factors for an optimal wash result

In professional dishwashing, there are four factors responsible for an ideal wash result – temperature, chemicals, time and mechanics. The art of glasswashing lies in finding the ideal balance between these four factors to ensure the perfect wash result with optimal use of resources.

Perfect mechanical cleaning

Optimal pressure, comprehensive warewashing system, special wash jets – these components ensure optically and hygienically flawless glasses. With the UC Series and PT Series, this wash factor is flexible.

Ideal temperature

Grease can only be effectively removed and germs killed at 55 °C and above. Winterhalter glasswashers guarantee temperatures of 60 °C in the wash tank and 65 °C for rinsing.

Effective use of detergents and rinse aids

For washing glasses, Winterhalter offers special glasswashing detergents that are gentle on the material but effectively remove soiling.

Time well spent

The recommendation is 90 seconds of cleaning time so that the detergent and rinse aid can do their job more efficiently. If the wash time is shortened, this can lead to hygiene problems.

With Winterhalter warewashers, the four factors can be optimally adjusted using the stored programmes.


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