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La nueva lavavajillas de capota PT Utensil de Winterhalter combina dos aplicaciones en una sola máquina. Tanto al lavar vajilla y utensilios de forma alterna como al lavar un solo tipo de utensilios, esta máquina ofrece un resultado de lavado limpio y con seguridad higiénica de forma fiable. El modelo híbrido, que se presenta en tamaños L y XL, combina un potente sistema de lavado que incluye la adaptación variable de la presión de lavado con la ergonomía y el manejo sencillo de un lavavajillas de capota.

“Do you wash dishes or utensils?” In some cases the answer to this question is: “Both!” For example, when pots, pans, cooking utensils and plates have to be washed in a restaurant. Or in butcher's shops where plates from the lunch rush build up next to utensils and boxes. With its three washing programmes, the PT Utensil has everything under control. Programme one covers classic dishwashing with plates and cups or cutlery. Programme two washes regular soiled cooking and working utensils, GN containers and Euronorm crates. Heavily soiled utensils can be washed using the high-performance programme three – for example, trays, pots and frying baskets. To guarantee a perfect wash result in the long-term, the PT Utensil comes with a powerful warewashing system, effective quadruple filtration, and VarioPower wash pressure adjustment. Normally soiled plates and cups are washed at a lower water pressure, heavily encrusted utensils at a higher water pressure. The wash times of programmes two and three are also higher, ensuring that heavy soiling is stripped away. 

The advantages are obvious: the PT Utensil meets the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene and ergonomics. It often negates the need to purchase two separate machines for washing dishes and utensils, saving both money and space in the kitchen. With the ergonomic convenience of a passthrough dishwasher, the PT Utensil also ensures simple and fluid work processes, even when washing utensils. Leonie Hengeler, International Product Manager, sums it up: “By creating the PT Utensil, Winterhalter proves that being able to wash utensils and dishes in a single machine need not be a compromise: we have managed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in both fields of application – even in continuous operation.”

It goes without saying that the PT Utensil has all the tried and tested features and options of the PT Series. The EnergyLight waste water heat recovery, which is integrated as standard, uses the energy in the waste water to heat the cold inlet water. The advantages: resources are conserved and up to 10% of energy costs are saved. The optionally available EnergyPlus exhaust air heat exchanger also uses the energy from the hot steam inside the machine to pre-heat the cold inlet water, which saves up to 15% of energy costs. With the optional automatic hood, the machine can be operated without any physical effort, which is a real relief for dishwashing staff.