Why a passthrough dishwasher from the PT Series is the perfect solution for an event caterer: Josef Schmidbauer, operator of »Schlosscafé Palmenhaus« at Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, and his decision to opt for Winterhalter.

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Dozens of silver candlesticks bathe the former greenhouse in the palace gardens at Nymphenburg in a warm, romantic glow. Glass charger plates, crystal glasses and fine silver cutlery make the room light up even more. The scent of the lavish flower arrangements fills the air. Everything is perfect – as it should be on the happiest day of your life.

The Schlosscafé is the perfect location for celebrating a wedding as befits the occasion. The »Palmenhaus« caters exclusively for fine dining experiences and regularly holds two or three weddings a week. »Our philosophy: a celebration – a work of art – always«, says Josef Schmidbauer, as he adjusts the glasses into their correct position on the table. The Schmidbauer family has been running the event location and restaurant with around 750 covers in these beautiful surroundings since 1980, and Josef is the fifth generation of this Munich family to be passionate about working in the food industry.

Josef Schmidbauer Schloßcafé Palmenhaus

Josef Schmidbauer and his team have a clear objective for their guests: »always a celebration – a work of art«


When it came to selecting the right warewasher for the »Palmenhaus«, one important requirement came first. The machine had to be able to run wash after wash and deliver perfect results. This is exactly the strength of the PT dishwasher from Winterhalter. Speed, high-quality wash results, and all this while being extremely economical. Ready to use day and night and with consistent wash quality.

The PT is in use both during and after the event to wash all of the dishes, as well as all of the pots and pans. Clean and fast.
In addition to washing performance, reliability also plays a central role. When the machine is at a standstill, so is the entire operation. Winterhalter is an important partner in this regard. Not only when it comes to the right warewasher, but for the system as a whole. Machine, chemicals, racks and service. Everything under one roof.

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Each of our customers has their own very personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. For Pierre Schmid, head chef at the Palmenhaus, these are the main ones:

  • Deals with large volumes of dishes in the shortest time
  • Easy to use with self-explanatory control unit
  • Reliable even in continuous operation
  • Customer service that always has a solution

I grew up in the catering industry – so I also grew up with Winterhalter. I can remember seeing Winterhalter machines around ever since I was old enough to walk, so for me there will only ever be Winterhalter.



Winterhalter passthrough dishwasher for caterers


Fast, economical, efficient. For a caterer, a warewasher has to be one hundred percent reliable at all times. The PT Series from Winterhalter make this possible: its innovative technology is designed to meet the highest demands – and streamlined for maximum economy. An all-rounder for a wide range of wash items. Available in three different machine sizes. Your pace-setter.

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