EasyAccess by Winterhalter

Quick and simple: The QR code on the Winterhalter warewasher gives you direct access to your digital services.

The quick way to reorder chemicals or arrange a service appointment. Take a quick look at the operating instructions to learn how descaling works. Or register after buying a new warewasher. Winterhalter EasyAccess makes it possible: Simply scan the QR code on the machine with your smartphone to access your digital services. Quick, simple and 24/7. Directly in your browser. Free of charge and in your local language.

The UC Series undercounter warewashers and PT Series passthrough dishwashers come from the factory already equipped with the QR code. The digital services are also available for older machines and other series, depending on their model and manufacturing year.

What you will find in the digital services*

Ordering chemicals

Are you running out of detergents, rinse aids or consumables? No problem: The correct machine products can be stored in the digital services. You can then reorder everything you need with just a few clicks: Simply select the right quantity and send the order. That's it!

Video tutorials

Remind me how to change the tank water. How to refill detergent and rinse aids. Or how to descale the warewasher. It could not be easier. Just go to the digital services to access our short video clips. The simple, step-by-step guides demonstrate the right way to operate the most important machine functions.

Operating instructions

When do I need the basic cleaning programme and how is it selected? What does the lightbulb notification icon signify? What must I consider when switching the machine on and off? Access the digital operating instructions for your Winterhalter machine to find answers to these and other questions. They can be viewed directly using EasyAccess. Aside from explaining the machine functions, it also contains information on correct operation, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance.

Service request

Do you need a service technician to repair or service your warewasher? Through the digital services you can send us a quick request for an appointment: just state the problem category, select a suitable time slot and enter your contact details - and you’re good to go! Our service technician will come as quickly as possible and get everything back up and running.

Service hotline

Do you have a problem with your machine, need a spare part or have a question about our maintenance contracts? You can reach out to us by telephone at any time with these and other requests. Open EasyAccess to reach our service hotline directly: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are here for you 24/7 and would be delighted to help!

Contact form

Do you have a question about our products and services? Would you like personal advice or price information? Go to the contact form in your digital services to send us a message. Our experts will take care of your issues and get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call our service hotline 24/7 in more urgent cases.

Product registration

It could not be easier: just scan the QR code to register your Winterhalter warewasher. The biggest advantage? We will give you an extended warranty on selected parts when you register your machine. In addition, we can provide faster and more targeted support for your service needs, as we will have all the necessary information at our fingertips. So it is worth registering the product, even if you have bought a second-hand warewasher from Winterhalter.

* Services may vary, depending on the country.


Scan the QR code on your machine for direct access to the digital services. Simply use a smartphone to scan the QR code and receive direct access to helpful machine services. From reordering chemicals to arranging a service appointment and registering the new warewasher. You will also have access to digital operating instructions for the machine, helpful video tutorials and important contact details. Quick, simple and 24/7. Directly in your browser.