What makes the reusable plastic cup washing system the perfect solution for kindergardens: Marie Wäscher, Director of the Evangelical Markus-Kindergarten in Ravensburg, about her decision to join Winterhalter.

Reusable plastic cup washing in kindergardens
Reusable plastic cup washing in kindergardens


Running around. Playing and fooling around. Discovering life. The atmosphere in the Markus Kindergarten in Ravensburg is contagiously cheerful and relaxed. Perhaps it’s because every child is allowed to be themselves: with his or her very own strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. This reflects the evangelical nursery’s mission policy. 

The day-care team aims to accompany, encourage and help the children along their path of development.  The pre-school teachers encourage openness and curiosity as well as imagination and creativity. The 66, two-to-six-year-old children, enjoy freedom for personal development, lots of exercise in the fresh air, and healthy nutrition. 

Marie Wäscher Reusable plastic cup washing at Markus-Kindergarten in Ravensburg

Marie Wäscher, Director of the Markus-Kindergarten in Ravensburg, aims to help children develop into individuals capable of living in a community – people who are willing to assume responsibility for themselves and for others.


Reusable plastic cups are used for lunch and drinks during breaks at the Markuskindergarten – for safety reasons. Washing these cups, however, had always been a problem: although a warewasher was available the cups tipped over, filled with water and then had to be emptied and washed by hand. “The drying process also left a lot to be desired – we still had to dry the cups with a tea towel. That cost us a lot of time!” says Ms. Wäscher. 

One day Ms. Wäscher heard about the reusable plastic cup washing system. A Winterhalter employee came by and showed her how to use it in practice. She was immediately convinced: “No comparison to before! Not a single cup tips over in the special rack. The whole thing is super easy to use and once washed the cups can be stacked directly without further drying. Perfect!” 

There is a reason for all of this. In contrast to other manufacturers, Winterhalter relies on an integrated system: machine settings, racks and chemicals are precisely coordinated for the washing and drying of plastic. In conjunction, they are the perfect solution: the machine washes cups perfectly clean in less than two minutes and guarantees absolute hygiene safety. The cup rack has an automatic locking mechanism that holds both small and large cups securely in place. And the rinse aid specially developed for plastic ensures quick drying. This eliminates the need for manual drying – and there is no risk of germ transmission. 

When Ms. Wäscher learned that the reusable plastic cup washing system could easily be retrofitted to the existing undercounter warewasher, her mind was made up. Since then, the Markuskindergarten has benefited from professional cup washing that regularly attracts groups of curious spectators. 


The Winterhalter reusable plastic cup washing system is a solution we’ve always wanted for our nursery: simple, well thought-through, and with a fantastic wash result. Perfect for everyday use!

Reusable plastic cup washing at the Markus-Kindergarten reference


Each of our customers has their own personal reasons for choosing Winterhalter when it comes to reusable plastic cup washing. For Marie Wäscher, the main ones are:

  • High level of satisfaction with the previous UC Series
  • Retrofittable and inexpensive solution
  • Easy and safe handling 
  • Good drying and guaranteed hygiene safety


Winterhalter reusable plastic cup washing machine for kindergardens


Reusable plastic cups washed clean. In less than two minutes. And so dry that they can be stacked inside each other after washing to save space. The undercounter warewashers and the reusable plastic cup washing system from Winterhalter make it happen: with a combination of machine settings, a special cup rack, and newly developed washing chemicals. The system offers certified hygiene safety according to DIN SPEC 10534. It is suitable for different cup sizes and can be retrofitted for different machine series. 

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