Taking orders. Pouring drinks and preparing food. Serving, clearing away, cashing up. All in a very confined space. Often with just one person. Everyday life in a café. A warewasher must do one thing above all: work perfectly.

Winterhalter warewashers for cafés and bistros


A pot of tea or coffee. With a piece of cake. The days of a simple café are long gone. Most now offer cappuccinos, café lattes, frappuccinos and chai lattes. In addition to cakes and tarts, there are now muffins, cookies, toasted sandwiches, soups and salads. You can even order cocktails or a Spritz if it takes your fancy.

The choices have not only made for longer food and drinks menus in cafés, they have also increased the volume of glasses, dishes and cutlery. And it all has to be washed up. Usually in a very confined space. Often by just one person. What’s needed here? A warewasher that functions perfectly and takes on the work. That washes up anything that comes its way. Quickly, hygienically and with absolute reliability. A Winterhalter.


Winterhalter undercounter warewashers for cafés and bistros


In cafés and bistros, a wide variety of drinks and dishes are prepared. Consequently, the demands on a warewasher are high: it must deliver perfect results in one cycle with a wide range of wash items. In a short time. And it must fit neatly into a confined space. This is precisely why Winterhalter has developed the UC Series bistro washer.

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