Want to release capital for your business?

The joy of Pay Per Wash (PPW) is that there are no upfront costs for operators.  Zero investment means that you can free-up capital for other critical elements of your business, such as staff costs, new infrastructure or simply new crockery.

PPW offers a premium dishwasher, supplied with premium chemicals and underpinned by superior service. All of your glasswashing and dishwashing needs taken care of by one supplier. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

Pay Per Wash has been developed to meet the demands of a changing market. Whilst the payment method might be revolutionary in the catering industry, it’s not a new concept in terms of a way to pay for something. Think of a pay as you go mobile phone.

Winterhalter will supply you with a glass or dishwasher and chemicals with no upfront costs. You pre-purchase washes through a web-portal and top up when you need to. If for some reason you temporarily suspend your operation, your equipment costs you nothing during the shutdown and you simply start up again when you’re ready.


What’s more, PPW is also tax-deductible.

Leasing Winterhalter


Winterhalter supplies highly engineered dishwashers and glasswashers to the commercial catering market. State of the art software and hardware combine to provide results that are hygienically safe, whilst delivering sustainability and cutting your running costs. Additional options are available to reduce energy costs further. PPW can also include specialist products like reverse osmosis water treatment, which removes the need for hand polishing of glasses.

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PAY PER WASH Winterhalter


Winterhalter has developed its own range of specialist chemicals designed to work in perfect harmony with its machines. Only this combination can guarantee superior hygiene and faultless wash results. The cost of chemicals is tied into the price you pay for PPW; so there are no additional budget considerations. When you need more chemicals, you can call or email and the new supply will be delivered to your premises.

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Longterm rental Winterhalter


The price that you pay also includes service, so you have total peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, there are no additional costs to pay for labour or parts*. Nobody knows our machines like Winterhalter technicians and they only carry genuine Winterhalter parts. They can get your machine up and running quickly and have an excellent ‘first-time fix rate’. This means you can carry on running your business without the added pressure of worrying about getting staff to wash by hand.

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Instalment payment


If your dishwasher needs change, for example, if your business increases or decreases, Winterhalter can adjust the price you pay to reflect these changes. We can even swap the machine for a larger or smaller model. It’s a very fluid arrangement, designed to ensure you get the very best value for money. It is also possible to purchase the machine at any time. The good news is that whatever you have already paid through the PPW scheme will be taken into account, with a discount applied to the outright purchase cost.

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