Why a PT Series passthrough dishwasher is the perfect solution for a hotel: Michael Caines MBE, chef patron of the »Lympstone Manor«, and his decision to opt for Winterhalter.

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Overlooking the mouth of the Exe estuary, Lympstone Manor is a Grade-2 listed Georgian manor house that has been transformed into a refined, contemporary hotel and restaurant by owner, Michael Caines MBE. One of Britain’s most celebrated chefs, Michael’s career has seen him hold two Michelin stars for eighteen consecutive years at Gidleigh Park.  His ambitions for the venture include gaining a third star. “Be assured, Lympstone Manor will be one of the best
hotel/restaurants in the UK and Europe. I am aiming at the top echelon!” 

Michael spent a year developing his menu for Lympstone Manor, combining new dishes as well as reimagining classics. “We want to create fantastic experiences for our guests, as well as presenting my vision of modern British cuisine,” says Michael. Drawing on his love of his home county, there is a strong focus on using seasonal ingredients, locally produced.

Michael was involved at every stage of designing the hotel, naturally, including the kitchens. “If you want to be the best, you need to make sure everything is planned out exactly.”


When you’re aiming to be the best, every part of the whole has to work together and that’s certainly true of our Winterhalter warewashers – the equipment and the chemicals are the perfect combination!


"As any chef will tell you, cleaning the dishes and glasses and getting them back into use is just as important as the equipment that makes the food. “There’s only a few hours a day that the kitchen isn’t in use,” Michael explains, “We’re working from breakfast through to dinner, so you need to have equipment that can work at that pace.”

The hotel has separate machines for dishes and glasses, in order to guarantee perfect washes for each type of ware. “We have very fine glassware,” says Michael, “so we wanted to reduce handling, and therefore breakages.” To help with this, the machines have been equipped with Winterhalter’s Romatik reverse osmosis units. The RO units filter water through a membrane, removing all impurities so no residue is left after washing. This means no additional polishing is required and items are ready for use as soon as the wash cycle ends. “It gives you a very clean glass straight out of the machine, which saves a lot of time as we don’t need to do extra polishing once it’s finished,” says Michael. 

Aside from the quality of the cleaning, Michael is also impressed with the efficiency of the equipment. “We’re very committed to making the hotel as energy efficient as possible, not only is it good for the environment but it also saves us money!”

Winterhalter also produce a range of cleaning chemicals designed specifically to work with their equipment. “It used to be pretty frustrating, looking for chemicals that gave us the results we wanted with our equipment,” he says. “You can imagine how pleased I was when Winterhalter launched its range of chemicals!” They have been designed to give great results with the reduced amounts of water required by Winterhalter’s machines. 



Each of our customers has their own specific reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. These are Michael Caines' main ones :

  • Speed and wash results
  • Reduction in handling and breakages of glassware, through reverse osmosis
  • Time saving and no polishing
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Winterhalter chemicals

There's only a few hours in a day that the kitchen isn't in use.we’re working from breakfast through to dinner, so you need to have equipment that can work at that pace.



Winterhalter PT Series passthrough dishwasher for hotels


Fast, economical, efficient. In a restaurant, a dishwasher must be one hundred percent reliable at peak times. The PT Series from Winterhalter makes this possible: its innovative technology is designed to meet the highest demands – and streamlined for maximum economy. An all-rounder for a wide range of wash items. Available in three different machine sizes. Your pace-setter.

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