“It was very fast, very efficient and more than capable of handling our volumes” says Chris Pitman.


The George of Stamford is one of the most beautiful and historic hotels in the UK. It’s also one of the most popular, not only with customers but also employees: it’s constantly busy and its staff are passionate about their work – many of them have been there twenty years or more. “People can’t believe how much business we do, or how jolly our staff are, even first thing in the morning!” says General Manager Chris Pitman, who started as a chef at the hotel 40 years ago.

The hotel has 47 beds, two restaurants, two busy bars and two private dining rooms. In the morning it will serve 200 coffees (excluding breakfast), the informal Garden Room Restaurant is busy at lunch and dinner, while the 90-cover fine dining Oak Panel Restaurant is constantly booked. Plus The George is a popular venue for weddings and other events.

Chris Pitman is enthusiastic about the new warewashers. “The Winterhalters are great products. They save energy, they’re easy to use, they give great results and they’re very economical”


“Being so busy creates an enormous amount of crockery and glasses,” says Chris Pitman. “We had a big rack conveyor dishwasher but we wanted to free up some space, so we looked for something more compact, but which could cope with the numbers. After checking out a variety of options, we invested in a Winterhalter pass-through.”

Chris admits that initially staff were sceptical. “They thought we’d need two of the Winterhalter units to cope with the work. But they soon realised that it was very fast, very efficient and more than capable of handling our volumes.”

For glasswashing, the hotel has two Winterhalter UC-M undercounter machines, fitted with the company’s RoMatik ROXS compact reverse osmosis water treatment system. The ROXS unit means there is no need for glasses to be polished by hand after washing – Winterhalter guarantees they can be used straight away. “The system is amazing – we didn’t believe it would be able to do what Winterhalter claimed, so we got them to take us to three busy sites already using it. No one had a bad word for it.”

“We use Winterhalter for our chemicals and they service the machines, too. If anything goes wrong, we know who to call! I’ve been in situations where the machine supplier blames the chemicals and vice versa. This way, we just leave it all to Winterhalter. That’s a big advantage for us.”


Each of our customers has their own specific reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. These are Chris Pitman's main ones:

  • Compact design without compromising power
  • Effeciency
  • Quality wash results for fine crockery
  • Sustainability
  • Service and Chemicals included

We found Winterhalter to be honest and professional – and the machines were ready and fitted on time and in budget



Winterhalter undercounter warewashers for hotels


There’s a simple rule when it comes to glass washing: no two glasses are the same. And that’s precisely the challenge – especially when milk foam and lipstick, proteins and fruit pulp make cleaning even harder. Winterhalter has developed a professional solution for this: the UC Series glasswasher. For hygienic cleanliness, sparkle and shine. And for making a positive impression on your guests.

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Winterhalter MTR conveyor dishwasher for hotels


Developed for high-performance dishwashing: the conveyor dishwashers from Winterhalter. As a rack or flight-type variant. Machines that are completely reliable, even at peak times. And that can be customised precisely: to suit various applications and wash items, the space available on site and your requirements and preferences. Perfect for your hotel.

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