Winterhalter adds professional polish to new Dublin restaurant


Overlooking Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green from its residence inside the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Glovers Alley brings a taste of modern French influenced cuisine to its 70-seater restaurant. Since opening in February 2018, the restaurant has established itself as one of Dublin’s premium dining experiences. Part owned and run by celebrated chef Andy McFadden, Glovers Alley combines fresh Irish produce with vibrant à la carte and tasting menus.

Glovers Alley replaced Thornton’s restaurant, which shut in October 2016. Since then the space has been revamped, with £1.1m invested into the new project. Alongside the tasteful new décor, the kitchen was redesigned. In order to find the most suitable appliances for his set-up, Andy used local specialists Kaneco, and when it came to warewashers, they recommended Winterhalter.

“People always ask, did you design the restaurant? Of course I didn’t, I’m a chef, I don’t know everything!” Andy says. “I’m not an expert on dishwashers, so I found the best people, who know the best products.”


“This was a unique opportunity to do almost whatever I wanted, because we had so much space I could separate everything. So I was like, ‘I can have a glasswasher, plate washer and a pot wash!’ I feel like I’m only going to get to do this once, so I’m going to go for it.”

The Winterhalter appliances chosen for the set-up make the most of the layout, but also have energy efficiency and versatility at their core. The UC unit offers versatility by being able to slot seamlessly into the operation without encroaching on valuable worktop space, while also using reverse osmosis technology to remove water impurities and the need to polish washed pieces. In keeping with Andy’s ambitions to ensure investment was made in specialist appliances, Glovers Alley’s pots and pans are washed separately from their fine china and glassware in a UF utensil washer. Meanwhile, the Winterhalter PT EnergyPlus passthrough is the pièce de résistance. Incorporating a waste water heat exchanger and an additional exhaust air heat exchanger, it cuts the operating costs in the kitchen and reduces the power consumption. It even improves the kitchen climate, by ensuring no steam escapes when the hood is opened at the end of wash.

Along with Winterhalter machines, Andy has also gone with Winterhalter Chemicals. These are designed specifically to get the best possible warewashing results.


Each of our customers has their own specific reasons for choosing Winterhalter for their commercial warewashing needs. These are Andy McFadden's main ones :

  • Specialist appliances
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce power consumption
  • No polishing required

The glasswasher is amazing because the guys don’t have to polish the glasses at the end of the cycle, and they’re delighted with that. With the Winterhalter it’s so quick and easy to get people trained to use it. You don’t need a science degree, it’s really simple.

Andy McFadden, HEAD CHEF


Winterhalter undercounter warewashers for hotels


There’s a simple rule when it comes to glass washing: no two glasses are the same. And that’s precisely the challenge – especially when milk foam and lipstick, proteins and fruit pulp make cleaning even harder. Winterhalter has developed a professional solution for this: the UC Series glasswasher. For hygienic cleanliness, sparkle and shine. And for making a positive impression on your guests.

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Winterhalter passthrough warewashers for restaurants


Fast, economical, efficient. In a restaurant, a warewasher must be one hundred percent reliable at peak times. The PT Series from Winterhalter makes this possible: its innovative technology is designed to meet the highest demands – and streamlined for maximum economy. An all-rounder for a wide range of wash items. Available in three different machine sizes. Your pace-setter.

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