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Winterhalter’s latest passthrough is an energy- and water-saving workhorse

Winterhalter has launched a new version of its PT Workhorse that delivers an even greener wash than the standard model.   The PT Workhorse EnergyPlus introduces multiple features that deliver savings of up to 25% on energy whilst reducing water consumption.

Warewashers use more energy heating up the wash water than on anything else, so Winterhalter has focused on this area in developing the PT Workhorse EnergyPlus.  A key feature of the new model is Winterhalter’s latest exhaust air heat recovery system.  This takes the energy from the hot steam inside the machine and uses is to heat the incoming water supply.  The system not only cuts energy consumption by up to 15%, it also leaves almost no steam when the hood is opened, improving the work environment.

The standard PT Workhorse is supplied with the EnergyLight heat recovery system, which recycles heat from the waste water to heat the incoming supply, saving 10% in energy consumption.  The EnergyPlus version has a larger waste water heat recovery system, which further increases the energy savings.

On the water front, the new PT has an optional driven rinse system.  This is a patented Winterhalter innovation.  In conventional systems, extra water is required to drive the rinse wash arms.  With Winterhalter’s system, small, highly efficient electric motors are used instead.  They have minimal impact on energy use, but reduce water consumption by 0.4 litres on every wash cycle.  Less water means less energy is required to heat it, so it’s a win-win in terms of sustainability and lower running costs.  

Like all PT Workhorse models, the EnergyPlus model has Connected Wash as standard.  As well as allowing staff and service providers to access the machine’s status in real time, remotely, from anywhere in the world, Connected Wash will highlight any operational issues that could save energy.  These can range from warning if a component is failing to pointing out staff errors, such as turning on the machine too early or opening the hood before the wash cycle is complete.

The PT Workhorse EnergyPlus is available in a choice of three sizes. The smallest, the PT-M Energy, has a theoretical capacity of up to 72 racks of dishes per hour (77 racks of glasses) on the short program wash.  The PT Workhorse EnergyPlus is also available through Winterhalter’s innovative Pay Per Wash (PPW) finance scheme. There is no up front cost with PPW, operators simply pay as they wash.  The scheme covers the machine, service and chemicals.