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Advice on washing glasses?  Winterhalter has it covered

Winterhalter has developed a section of its website devoted to ‘the home of glasswashing’.  It’s been created to give visitors everything they need to know about glass washing – including how to abolish having to polish glasses by hand.  

In 1969 Winterhalter developed one of the first commercial glasswashers. Since then, thanks to its pivotal role in the ongoing development and refinement of professional glasswashing systems, the company has become known as ‘the home of glasswashing’.  Its current range of glasswashers brings together a variety of technical innovations that allows all kinds of glassware to be cleaned perfectly – with no need for hand polishing.

‘The home of glasswashing’ website area covers the basics – such as why use a glass washer in the first place – as well as looking at subjects such as the specific differences in requirements between restaurants and bars.  

It includes several downloadable advice guides covering subjects such as ‘Challenges When Washing Glasses’ and ‘Glass Corrosion’.  Perhaps the key download is ‘9 Tips For Perfect Glasses’, which gives solutions to issues such as stains, streaks and lipstick. 

No more hand polishing…

At a recent event for sommeliers, Winterhalter asked attendees what they wanted from the perfect glasswasher.  Nearly all of them said one that could clean glasses so they didn’t need hand polishing.  The good news is that Winterhalter can offer exactly that. 

Sites that handwash glasses, or use less advanced glasswashers, will often need to polish glasses by hand before using them again, to get rid of stains or odours. Hand polishing is time-consuming, it leads to breakages, and it’s unhygienic, unless staff use a different cloth on each glass. It’s an unnecessary hidden cost and gets in the way of more important work.  Small wonder that sommeliers are keen on abolishing polishing!

The quality of the water supply is one of the biggest causes of streaking, tainting and unwanted particulates on cleaned glasses. Winterhalter offers glasswashers with reverse osmosis water systems, which, along with the powerful standard four-stage filtration, make the washwater as pure as it can be. Combine these technologies with specially designed chemicals, and glasses can be cleaned in as little as two minutes – with no need to hand polish, because there are no streaks or taints. 

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