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Winterhalter’s new guide explains how connected warewashers can help in the Covid-19 world

It’s going to be all about hygiene and efficiency in today’s Covid-19 world. As foodservice operators open up they will want to minimise the number of visits to their kitchens by third parties, such as service engineers. Every extra person in the kitchen introduces a further risk of infection and will push social distancing regulations. At the same time they will be looking for maximum efficiency as cost will be a tipping point.  Winterhalter says connectivity provides a solution, and the company has published a guide to explain how.  

Connected warewashers are ideal for the future of foodservice, as they minimise breakdowns while optimising performance – meaning fewer invasive visits from engineers and reliably, hygienically clean tableware. So how can they do all this? 

Winterhalter’s guide to connectivity and warewashing explains how it works, how it reduces running costs while upping hygiene levels, and how it reduces engineer visits to the kitchen while increasing machine performance. And most importantly, how it will positively impact on the running of a foodservice operation.

The guide can be found on the news page on Winterhalter’s website.