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Download free guides from Winterhalter, the home of glasswashing

If glasses aren’t spotless, they should be – especially if they’re washed in a commercial glasswasher.   The experts at Winterhalter, ‘the home of glasswashing’, have put together a series of guides to help foodservice operators get the best results from their glasswashers.  There’s also information about setting up a system so that they never have to hand polish glasses after they’ve been washed. 

For all-round advice on achieving perfect glasswashing download the white paper, ‘Glasswashing in Foodservice: 9 tips for perfect glasses’.  It looks at the common problems, such as streaks; what causes them; and how to solve them.  There are several other advice articles, as well as all sorts of glasswashing information covering everything from chemicals to racks. 

And if, after all that, a visitor is still stuck, there’s contact information so they can talk directly with their local Winterhalter glasswashing expert. 

We need to stop polishing glasses…

Do you polish glasses?  Why? You don’t need to.  With the right glasswasher, the right water treatment and the right chemicals glasses will be sparkling clean, they’ll dry streak-free with no need to hand polish. “Think of the time you save and the breakages you avoid,” says Paul Crowley, marketing development manager at Winterhalter UK.  It’s also worth considering that polishing glasses is inherently unhygienic, because the cloth will transfer any contaminants to every glass it touches.    

For example, Winterhalter’s UC Excellence-i undercounter glasswasher, used with Winterhalter chemicals, guarantees sparkling glasses, with no hand polishing, straight from the machine.  Energy saving features are fitted as standard, and the VarioPower system adjusts water pressure to suit what’s being washed – from delicate wine stemware to robust water tumblers, everything gets cleaned perfectly and safely.  With no need to polish!

Check out the guides at the Home of Glasswashing now.