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Ultra-reliable passthrough dishwasher combines big ideas with small details for outstanding results
The latest passthrough dishwasher from Winterhalter features a series of upgrades and innovations that not only reduce energy and water consumption, but also enhance usability and reliability – which is why it’s called the PT Workhorse.  

In developing the new dishwasher, Winterhalter talked extensively to customers, dealers, consultants and business partners.  The company was looking not only for the headline ideas that would deliver maximum benefits, but also for those small, attention to detail points that would both enhance reliability and make life easier for the operator.  

“A dishwasher breakdown is a crisis in a busy kitchen or bar,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK.  “The tech guys have worked really hard on fine tuning or reengineering the components and systems to find ways to make the machine ultra-reliable.  This dishwasher will cope with everything that’s thrown at it.” 

In terms of the big ideas, the PT Workhorse is setting standards in a variety of areas.  Winterhalter has led the way in developing heat exchange technology for warewashing.  The latest example is the PT Workhorse’s EnergyLight, which is fitted as standard.  It recycles the energy from the waste water to heat the cold inlet water, reducing energy consumption by up to 10%.  

Meanwhile the PT Workhorse’s high-performance warewashing system and reengineered hygiene concept delivers first-class wash results, no matter how stubborn the dirt. New S-shaped wash arms create wash-fields that guarantee water is distributed over the widest area, while the quadruple filtration system ensures the wash water remains clean at all times. Winterhalter’s VarioPower variable water pressure regulation adjusts the wash pressure precisely to the type of wash items and how dirty they are. 

Then there’s Connected Wash, which also comes as standard.  It allows operators and their service providers to monitor operation remotely.  It warns when things aren’t right – whether that’s because a machine’s run out of chemical or a component is failing.  It also gives advice on best practice, for example, letting operators know if the door is opened too early during washing, or if the machine isn’t closed down properly after a shift.  All of which further enhances reliability.

The PT Workhorse’s user-friendly controls are another standard-setting feature.  Its touchscreen is the only one of its kind on a passthrough model and it acts as an intelligent keypad that prompts the user, rather than just showing digital icons.  In addition to its three standard wash cycle choices, it has special programs like eco and silent.  The touchpad features single button operation and a language-neutral interface with self-explanatory pictograms – and users can still operate the screen even if wearing gloves.  The interface also gives access to two ‘deep’ PIN-protected operating levels, one for chefs and owners and the second for service engineers. Since the software runs on Linux, it’s easy to update. 

Then there are the ‘attention to detail’ ideas.  Typical of those that help deliver maximum reliability is the new Pump Protector, which offers an additional level of safety for the wash pump, guarding it from any debris that might find its way through.  “A damaged pump is a classic dishwasher glitch, which leads to downtime and costly repairs,” says Kinkead.  “The Pump Protector will go a long way to eradicating the problem.”  

Market research showed how customers were keen to change little things that could improve their lives.  A good example is the redesigned strainer handle for the filter basket.  The new handle makes it much easier to remove and replace, so the operator doesn’t risk putting their hand in the hot water.  It also makes it simpler to clean inside the filter basket itself, so it’s easier to ensure hygiene and wash results.  

Winterhalter’s new Auto Hood makes closing the hood effortless.  Staff simply touch the button and down it goes – provided that there’s nothing in the way, such as a wayward plate or a hand, in which case the Auto Hood’s safety system kicks in and stops the hood’s descent.  At the end of the wash cycle, the hood rises automatically.  “If you’re on a really busy shift, raising and lowering the hood every few seconds, the Auto system makes a significant difference to the workload,” says Kinkead. “It’s hard work, made easy.” 

The PT Workhorse comes in three machine sizes, M, L and XL.  The PT-M is suitable for standard wash items, such as plates, glasses, cutlery and cups.  The PT-L offers more space, for wider items such as trays.  Both have a clear entry height of 440mm.   The largest machine, the PT-XL, has an entry height of 560mm, so it can wash bulkier items such as GN2/1 trays and utensils.