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CTR Energy is Winterhalter’s latest green, lean, cleaning machine 

The latest compact conveyor dishwasher from Winterhalter is fast, flexible, frugal and sustainable.  The CTR Energy minimises consumption of energy, water and chemicals, which in turn reduces running costs.  Meanwhile, its steam-free operation creates a better working environment in the kitchen.  At a time when operators are looking to save money, improve staff conditions and be more environmentally-friendly, it offers a timely and sustainable solution.  

What’s more, the CTR Energy is a future-proof solution, since its modular design allows it to be retro fitted with a variety of optional components, such as pre-wash and drying zones, as a kitchen’s demands and practices change.  The compact design means the main wash unit is as little as 1400mm long and 800mm wide – yet it can handle up to 195 racks per hour, producing consistently hygienic and sparkling results.  

The key energy saving feature is the dishwasher’s exhaust air heat recovery, which uses the energy from the steam produced by the machine to pre-heat the cold inlet water. This reduces energy consumption, lowers operating costs and even improves the kitchen climate, since instead of escaping into the kitchen, the machine’s steam and heat gets captured and recycled.  Because there’s less waste heat, there’s less work for the ventilation system to do, which further reduces the kitchen’s energy use.

Another energy saving feature on the CTR Energy is ‘rack-controlled zone activation’.  This means that the various zones of the warewasher (pre-wash, main wash and rinse) are only activated when a rack enters the zone.  No rack means no activation, conserving power, water and detergents, lowering energy use and reducing running costs during quiet periods.

In any dishwasher the main draw on energy is heating up water – so reducing water use will, in turn, reduce energy consumption.  The CTR Energy has a smart rinse water system that automatically adjusts the volume of water intake, depending on the current speed of the conveyor, so that it only uses as much water as is required.  In tests, this cut water consumptionby up to 50%, to as little as 130 litres per hour.

The CTR Energy is very simple to operate and, at peak times, the system allows the user to change the settings, so that the machine can be switched between highest possible energy savings or highest rack capacity.