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Winterhalter’s new warewashing detergents add sparkle and the ultimate hygiene

There’s more to warewashing than simply running the machine. Brilliant cleaning results can only be achieved if the machine, detergent and hygiene products are combined and precisely balanced. Winterhalter has introduced a range of new warewashing detergents that guarantees hygienic cleanliness and shine every time, whatever the wash. 

With its state-of-the-art formulas, Winterhalter’s new range of detergents and warewashing hygiene products is even more effective and precise than ever. They are developed by an in-house team which carries out extensive performance and application tests to ensure safety in use and the utmost quality in the results.

The new products include all-purpose detergents designed to tackle the typical types of dirt found on dishes, glasswasher detergents which prevent glass corrosion and protect decorations while still cleaning thoroughly, bistro detergents to target tea and coffee stains, high performance detergents for stubborn dirt such as dried-on starch residue, and utensil detergents with special ingredients that ensure active defoaming in the utensil washer.
To get the best results it’s really important to know how to select the right detergent for a particular degree of soiling, type of item to be washed and any other special requirements such as low temperature washing. Winterhalter has produced a guide to help find the right detergent from its extensive range of over 23 separate items, which can be obtained from the download centre at

By obtaining their warewashing chemicals from their warewasher’s manufacturer, customers can control costs more easily and also know who to approach if they have a question about cleaning results. There will no longer be the dilemma as to whether it is the chemical company’s fault or the dishwasher company’s fault – because they are one and the same!

The packaging on the new products has been designed to make it clear which product matches with which application. Different coloured caps, containers and labels indicate the ingredients and type of product. The product name is in big clear letters, while pictograms show the intended use.