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Winterhalter works hard to beat supply chain woes and guarantee stock of its ranges

While delays in supply chains have affected businesses in recent months, Winterhalter has ensured that its market leading products will remain available.

With ongoing disruptions caused by the pandemic and other world events many manufacturers have been finding it difficult to meet demand thanks to extended lead times and shortages.

Winterhalter’s manufacturing plants in Germany have been working hard to procure the necessary components and materials to guarantee that its range of glass and dishwashers can continue to be supplied throughout the UK and Europe.

“Winterhalter plays a key role in keeping kitchens going across the UK, and we remain committed to making sure everyone who needs top quality dishwashing will be able to get it,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK. “I’m pleased to inform you that, thanks to Winterhalter’s prompt action to get ahead of the shortages, stock levels in our UK warehouse are good for most of our ranges, and will remain so.”

Winterhalter’s most popular ranges include undercounter dish and glass washers, as well as passthrough units for dishes and utensils. Next day delivery is available on most machines, subject to confirmation from the sales office. 

For any enquiries or questions contact the sales team via [email protected]