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Winterhalter’s new guide explains how modern dishwashers help maintain hygiene standards

In the Covid-19 era the importance of maintaining hygienic standards in commercial kitchens has never been more important. In order to adhere to strict new safety guidelines, many will be relying on equipment like dishwashers much more than previously.

Winterhalter UK has produced a comprehensive guide to how dishwashers can help meet these new challenges, and how the latest technology is raising the bar even higher.

The guide provides detailed advice about using dishwashers to keep crockery and ware uncontaminated as well as handling advice for staff. It covers every step of the cleaning process from how to best prepare it for cleaning, to how to handle it once it’s done. This includes storage, and the requirements for everything from pots and pans to cutlery and glasses.

It also examines how new technology like reverse osmosis water treatment and connectivity can make achieving high standards of cleanliness easier. Furthermore, it explains the importance of picking equipment with the correct certification and how to identify such equipment.

The guide to hygiene for glasswashers and dishwashers can be found in the news section on Winterhalter UK’s website.