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Winterhalter’s latest incarnation of its PT passthrough dishwasher, the PT EnergyLight, is bang on trend in terms of the access economy, sustainability and collaboration.  As more businesses look to spread costs through new kinds of ownership, the PT allows a ‘pay as you go’ model with its Pay Per Wash option.  Its green credentials include superior energy management and lower power, water and chemical consumption.  Meanwhile its Connected Wash technology engenders a collaborative approach, allowing operator and supplier to work together to ensure that the dishwasher is always delivering an optimum performance – and in the case of the PT EnergyLight, that means an ultra-fast performance. 


Operators can install a PT EnergyLight with no upfront cost if they choose the Pay Per Wash (PPW) scheme.  Rather than having to buy the warewasher, or even rent it, PPW means the business simply pays for the washes it uses.  Once credits are bought over the internet, or by phone, the machine is ready to go.  Pay Per Wash includes the use of the machine, chemicals and even servicing the dishwasher – so all the operators have to worry about is loading and unloading.  


The PT EnergyLight has a variety of eco-friendly features built in that save energy, water and chemicals.  For example, the Full Flow Filtration is a four-step system that keeps the washwater cleaner for longer, getting rid of very fine particles and minimising water consumption.  By reusing the washwater, less fresh water is required and this cuts power costs, since most energy is used to heat the cold supply.  The EnergyLight also has a heat recovery system that uses the energy from the waste water to heat the incoming cold water supply, reducing energy use by 10%. 


Other sustainability options include a driven rinse system, which uses electro-magnets to drive the wash arm.  Because this increases the efficiency of the rinse, it reduces the amount of water required by 17%, so that the PT uses as little as 2 litres per wash cycle. 


The collaborative economy is becoming increasingly important as operators and equipment suppliers look to improve efficiencies.  Winterhalter’s Connected Wash facilitates collaboration by allowing all parties to remotely monitor equipment.  For example, it can warn service providers in advance if a component is failing, so that they can arrange a site visit before it becomes a breakdown issue.  It can also underline staff operational errors, so that the next time a Winterhalter engineer visits they can train staff in best practice. 


The PT EnergyLight is available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, and it can wash a rack in as little as 47 seconds.  Its clever energy management system means heat recovery between washes is so fast that there’s no wait: hood up, rack out, new rack in, hood down and away it goes.