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Winterhalter’s sales team now ready to help customers in the Covid-19 world

As more businesses look to improve their hygiene regime while balancing increasingly tight budgets, many are looking to alternative finance models for key equipment, like Winterhalter’s Pay Per Wash scheme. In order to more easily facilitate this, Winterhalter’s sales staff have recently completed a Prevent Covid-19 training course. 

This course includes measures for personal safety and best practice for businesses as they adapt to meet the demands of the pandemic and social distancing. Now Winterhalter’s Business Development Managers can confidently meet with dealers and operators safely to discuss the full Winterhalter range, including Pay Per Wash and the benefits it can provide.

The course covers what Covid-19 is, how to recognise the symptoms, how to prevent spreading the virus, including social distancing and self-isolation, as well as maintaining best practices both at home and out and about. The course is run by Virtual College and is constantly updated to reflect the most current guidelines, enabling businesses to adapt to any changes.

Pay Per Wash is a no-risk, no investment option that provides businesses with a high quality Winterhalter machine along with all the chemicals and consumables required, as well as a comprehensive service package for the machine.  Users only pay when the machine is operational, so during quieter times they pay less. Indeed, when the warewasher is not in use, it costs nothing.

“The Pay Per Wash scheme allows companies to take advantage of the benefits of Winterhalter’s dishwashers with none of the financial risk,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK. “The lockdown has put huge financial pressure on companies, who have had to prioritise what equipment works best for them. By ensuring our staff can safely meet with customers and explain the options available we are underlining Winterhalter’s commitment to excellent service at all times and under all conditions.”

The Pay Per Wash contract is flexible, so if a larger machine is required it can be swapped immediately.  If circumstances change and it’s no longer required, Winterhalter can easily take it away, with no penalties. On the other hand, if business really takes off then the Winterhalter can be bought outright – and the company will make an allowance for the payments already made to reduce the price.

Pay Per Wash is available for a selection of machines across Winterhalter’s range, including undercounter and passthrough units, making it suitable for most sizes of business. The cost of Pay Per Wash varies depending on the size and version of the machine, along with its anticipated usage. For example, a large passthrough machine doing thirty washes a day would be around 39p every cycle. 

Winterhalter’s machines are hygienically certified, confirming that after washing the ware is sanitised and is hygienically clean, safe and free of COVID-19 (and other viruses).