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Winterhalter has introduced Velocity, a dishwashing chemical dispensing system that is safe, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly. Velocity uses 4kg solid detergent capsules in combination with a wall mounted dispenser to deliver an alternative to conventional liquid systems. The capsules are hermetically sealed to protect the operator during the handling process.

The Velocity dispensing system has a built-in integral rinse aid pump to give maximum cleaning performance. There are a range of detergent capsules to suit different water conditions and types of soiling. Tea and coffee stains, proteins, starches as well as fats and grease can all be effectively removed.

Designed for ease of use, the Velocity dispenser menu has three buttons for simple programming, and a rinse saver feature. The adjustable control minimises detergent overuse. The dispenser itself is compact and inconspicuous to fit into any warewash operation.

One 4kg capsule will, on average, last for an average of 900 racks.

In line with current environmental thinking Winterhalter has reduced the packaging on the capsules to reduce transportation costs and bulk. The packaging is also crushable to further cut back on the volume of waste.

Winterhalter Chemicals has developed a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning products.  They include the largest range of warewashing chemicals on the market, as well as a huge choice of specialist products formulated specifically for the foodservice industry – from rinse aid, floor polish stripper, combi oven cleaner and multipurpose degreaser to sanitiser, safety floor cleaner, and antibactericidal foam soap.  For every cleaning issue, Winterhalter Chemicals has the answer.