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Spread the dishwash options and spread the cost
Winterhalter extends finance options on leasing, rental and pay per wash

In recent weeks Winterhalter has seen a surge in interest in its finance options, including leasing, rental and its Pay Per Wash scheme.  So much so that now, along with standard glasswashers, dishwashers and utensil washers, the company is offering finance on bespoke packages and specialist systems.  It means that operators wanting to spread the cost of their warewashing system, however unusual, can access the Winterhalter finance options. 

Operators can finance all types of dishwasher plus a huge variety of accessories and options, such as tabling.  Two of the most popular optional extras currently enquired about are Winterhalter’s dedicated racks for washing reusable plastic cups and for washing bottles and carafes.  “The interest in these two options underlines the focus on sustainability,” says Glenn Roberts, head of sales at Winterhalter.  “We all know the environmental problems with disposable cups, and now reusable plastic cups are a real sustainable option for coffee shops.  The problem is, they are hard to wash because they flip over in a standard rack, plus they take ages to dry.  Our system and chemicals sort that out.  Similarly, more and more sites are offering filtered water as an environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled mineral water, but the reusable bottles need a special rack to clean them.” 

A standard UC undercounter dishwasher, including two racks for washing reusable plastic cups, would cost from an average of £5.40 per day over a 5 year period.  At the end the operator can choose to buy the machine, hand it back or extend the lease.  “This flexibility is a key benefit of our finance schemes,” says Roberts. 

There’s also considerable interest in finance for Winterhalter Energy models, which radically reduce running costs.  “The Energy passthrough and undercounter machines are a little more expensive compared to the standard models, but the savings can be hugely significant,” says Roberts.  “For example, our PT EnergyPlus passthrough has multiple features that deliver savings of up to 25% on energy, whilst reducing water consumption.  It gives payback over a very short period of time, especially given the rise in energy costs.” 

Winterhalter has seen an increase in customers asking about acquiring Energy models under Pay Per Wash (PPW).  This innovative finance scheme means there’s no upfront cost to the operator, the machine is installed for free and then they simply pay as they wash, buying credits via the internet.  PPW covers not just the machine itself, but also the chemicals and service.  “It’s a stress-free option with no strings attached,” says Roberts.  “If the operator decides to buy the machine after a period of time, we’ll take into account the amount they’ve already spent on credits.  If they don’t want the machine anymore, we’ll take it back.  If they just want to carry on using it under the PPW scheme, that’s fine too.” 

As an example, assuming 25 washes per day, a standard UC undercounter dishwasher will typically cost around £0.47 per wash, while the Energy version would cost £0.51. 

Terms and conditions apply to all Winterhalter’s finance schemes.  For more information, visit and click on the ‘financing’ tab.