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Winterhalter shows how to save time, save costs and enhance sustainability

University of St Andrews University, July 24th-26th 2023

Winterhalter says the latest warewasher technology is reducing costs, enhancing sustainability and delivering the best possible hygiene in the fastest time.  At the TUCO Conference there’s also the chance to talk to advisors about innovative ways to finance new equipment – including Pay Per Wash, whereby instead of purchasing a dishwasher, universities get it for free and just pay as they wash. 

Dishwashers, glass washers and utensil washers are big users of energy, water and chemicals.  Investing in more efficient machines is not just better for the planet, it’s better for university budgets because it will lower running costs.  The Carbon Trust know, through their work with Winterhalter, that 85% of the lifetime cost of a warewasher is the cost of running it – only 15% is the buying price and servicing. 

Winterhalter has developed a whole range of technologies to minimise the use not only of energy but also water and chemicals.  All its PT passthrough and UC undercounter warewashers have heat exchangers as standard, saving 10% or more on energy.  Their smart rinse systems reduce energy and water consumption.  Sophisticated filtration systems not only ensure sparkling results but also cut water, chemical and energy use.  Ultra-efficient insulation keeps heat inside the machine, further reducing the need for power.  Even the wash arms, with their advanced design, help minimise consumption while maximising cleaning power. 

Winterhalter’s PT Climate Plus takes energy efficiency to a new level.  It recycles heat not just from the waste water and steam generated during the wash, but also by extracting hot air from the kitchen.  It uses this waste heat to slash energy costs by an incredible 50% or more.  Plus, it pumps cool, dry air back into the kitchen – improving the work environment. 

Investing in a new warewasher needn’t blow the budget.  Winterhalter has developed a raft of finance options, including leasing, hire purchase and renting, to help caterers get the product they need.  The most innovative is Pay Per Wash – the machine is free, and the scheme covers service and chemicals, too.  The user simply pays for wash credits, online or by phone, and then uses them ‘per wash.’  If the machine is not being used, for example in holiday time, then there’s no cost at all.   

Expert advisers will be on hand throughout the show to discuss all aspects of warewashing – including saving costs, saving time and helping save the planet!