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Winterhalter launches new bottle washing system

With the rise in on-site water filtration systems, foodservice operators are now serving their own filtered water to guests, often in upmarket branded bottles. The problem is, bottles are notoriously difficult to wash on the inside, and just about impossible to get properly clean when hand-washed.  It’s a serious food safety issue, which is why Winterhalter has developed a new washing system for its UC undercounter glass washers that gets bottles hygienically clean, quickly.

The new system uses an innovative rack design that fits into Winterhalter’s UC Series undercounters, washing up to eight bottles at a time, in under sixty seconds.  

The launch of the system adds a new dimension to bottle washing, which would traditionally be done either by hand, a tremendously labour-intensive and unhygienic method, or by using an expensive, single purpose appliance.

The bottle rack is compatible with any UC Series model and can be added retrospectively, so owners of any UC machine can benefit from sparkling clean bottles.  To fit the system, the operator simply takes out the UC’s lower wash arm and slots the rack system in its place.  The rack shoots water directly into the bottles via special jets, ensuring the interior is sparkling clean.  Meanwhile the UC’s upper wash arm cleans the bottles’ exteriors.  To turn the UC back into a standard glass washer or dishwasher, staff simply take out the rack and replace the lower wash arm. 

The rack features a clever, flexible folding set-up, making it possible to fit bottles of a variety of shapes and sizes in it, with diameters up to 100mm. Each rack can hold eight bottles at once.

“More and more establishments are looking to serve their customers filtered water that has been bottled on site,” says Paul Crowley, Winterhalter UK’s marketing manager.  “These upmarket bottles look great and providing in-house water is more eco-friendly than buying in bottled mineral water, but hygiene issues can arise since bottles are so difficult to keep consistently clean, especially when washing by hand. 

“Our new rack system ensures that bottles are sparkling and hygienically clean, inside and out, in less than a minute.”