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Experts will be on hand to discuss how dishwashing technology can help healthcare caterers adapt

Stand 42, 17th & 18th April 2024, Macdonald Aviemore Resort, Cairngorms National Park

Visitors to Winterhalter’s stand at the HCA Forum will get the answers to any questions they may have about warewashing issues facing hospital caterers, and how Winterhalter’s dishwashers can help them to solve them.

Warewashing can play a key role in helping healthcare caterers meet both the high standards required of them as well as cope with emerging trends. 

Winterhalter’s range of dishwashers are designed to be highly customisable to meet the healthcare sector’s requirements for speed, efficiency and hygienic results. For example, the largest model in Winterhalter’s new MT range of high volume conveyor systems can handle up to 8,000 racks an hour, with a high-performance washing system that helps to reduce water usage and, energy, and a modular design that allows it to be configured to fit the available space.

Winterhalter’s public sector experts will be on hand to discuss and explain current and emerging trends and solutions in warewashing. For example the growth of plant based menus, the diversity of international menus and the increase in dietary requirements all present different challenges for warewashing. Visitors will be able to learn more about how the right warewash equipment can easily cope with any cleaning issues presented by new options on the menu.

The experts will be aided by an innovative multimedia presentation, with digital resources accessed via a large screen, helping to explain how the technical advances in Winterhalter’s market leading range of dishwashers can optimise a kitchen’s workflow and deliver increased efficiency and savings.

“We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at this year’s HCA Forum,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK. “We’ve created a great new way of presenting information and it’ll be a great opportunity to take stock of where warewashing in the healthcare sector is, as well as explaining how we can help meet the challenges.”