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Infographic download helps ensure perfect results

Winterhalter’s ‘Efficient Glasswashing Dos and Don’ts’ a useful infographic that’s both a training aid and a handy reminder.  It’s available to download from

“These days quality glasswashers such as a Winterhalter are straightforward to operate,” says Paul Crowley, marketing development manager at Winterhalter UK.  “But this ease can lull operators into forgetting some of the basics of day to day operation.  That’s why we put together this infographic.  It will help ensure results are perfect and machines are in top working order.”  

The ‘do’ section is a simple guide covering the four key areas: pre-wash, loading, machine preparation and operation, and shut down and maintenance.  For example, the machine preparation section includes advice on factors such as cleaning wash arms to ensure best results, looking after the water softener, and checking chemical levels. 

Under the ‘don’t’ section is a list of six ‘sins’ that should be avoided at all costs.  They range from never using washing up liquid in a machine, to not interrupting the wash program. 

The advice in the infographic applies to all glasswashers, not just Winterhalter machines.  Visitors to the Winterhalter website will also find a ‘dos and don’ts’ guide to dishwashing.