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Warewashing specialist Winterhalter offers a professional complete solution for washing reusable plastic cups: The perfectly coordinated system – consisting of a Winterhalter warewasher and cup rack as well as specially developed chemicals – guarantees hygienically clean cups in less than two minutes. They are so dry that they can be stacked inside each other to save space.

“Fruit tea or soft drinks in day-care centres, nurseries, and schools. Or take away from cafés, the bakeries or service stations. Operators of a wide variety of catering establishments often use reusable plastic cups to serve drinks. Until now, washing these cups in machines has always been a problem: They tipped over, filled up with water and dried badly,” explains Ralph Winterhalter, CEO of the Winterhalter Group. Warewashing specialist Winterhalter has now solved the problem and developed a professional solution.

International Product Manager Jens Harti: “Sustainable reusable solutions need a functioning warewashing solution: easy to handle, hygienically safe and first-class wash results.” This is why Winterhalter uses an integrated system for reusable plastic cup washing: racks, chemicals and machine settings, such as temperature, contact time and water pressure, are precisely coordinated for washing and drying plastic. Jens Harti: “With our reusable plastic cup washing system, cups are washed hygienically clean in less than two minutes. And come out so dry that they can be stacked inside each other to save space.”

One of the main problems with washing reusable plastic cups is drying them. This is due to the special properties of the material – and is particularly important when it comes to storing the cups. They are usually stacked to save space. In combination with specially developed chemicals, Winterhalter has succeeded in reducing residual moisture to a minimum. It is so low that the cups can be stacked and stored without any problems after washing. A variety of rack inserts ensure full flexibility – especially if only a few cups or even the lids need to be washed. The handling process is well considered and convenient: when the rack is pushed in, the cups are automatically held in place by a bracket, and the rack is locked. This prevents the cups from tipping over and filling up with water even under high water pressure.

“The good news is that our reusable plastic cup washing system is available for different machine series and sizes. Retrofitting is possible at any time,” says product manager Jens Harti. Particularly important in times of Covid-19: Users need not worry – all Winterhalter warewashers have DIN SPEC 10534 hygiene certificates that meet the specified microbiological and hygiene standards.”

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