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  • 19.08.2022
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Working in the foodservice industry – what warewashing technology can achieve

One of the biggest challenges in the foodservice industry is finding new staff and retaining good staff. The attractiveness of the workplace is key. Everyone wants to work as conveniently, ergonomically and safely as possible – and technology enables this. Dishwashing is a good example of this. Heavy racks containing dishes have to be carried back and forth, the atmosphere in the kitchen is hot and humid, there are peak periods with extreme time pressure, and the machine has to be operated on a schedule so that washing up does not slow down the entire foodservice operation. We will show you how important professional warewashing technology is, how it can reduce the workload and what employees particularly appreciate about it.

Reduced workload

There are tasks that a machine can perform much faster and with better results than a human. This includes washing up – and especially washing glasses. Anyone who has ever washed, dried and polished glasses by hand in the foodservice industry knows how strenuous and time-consuming the whole process is. A glasswasher like the UC from Winterhalter really reduces the workload. At the touch of a button, the glasses come out of the machine hygienically clean and – in combination with a water treatment system – brilliantly shiny after about two minutes. This saves valuable working time, protects against injuries and ensures maximum hygiene safety.

Gläserspülmaschine zur Arbeitsentlastung | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Intuitive operation

Employees prefer to work with technical devices and machines that can be operated intuitively. Like warewashers from Winterhalter. Take the UC Series: the touch display is sensitive and has a language-neutral user interface with self-explanatory pictograms. This makes it easy to operate and simple for new employees to learn.

Spülmaschine mit einfacher Bedienung | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Easy handling

There’s one thing in particular that machine operators really appreciate – simple technology that creates fluid workflows. A warewasher like the PT with automatic hood offers exactly this. The hood closes at the touch of a button, the wash cycle starts automatically, and at the end of the programme the hood automatically lifts again. This means that the machine can be operated with ease and is easily loaded and unloaded. It is also immediately obvious when the wash cycle is finished and the next rack is ready to rinse.

Spülmaschine mit komfortabler Haubenautomatik | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Easy to clean

Cleaning the machine at the end of the day might seem a laborious task for staff, but it’s really important for smooth operation. Warewashers such as those from Winterhalter have a self-cleaning programme and makes things as easy as possible for employees. A click on the touchscreen is all it takes to start the fully automatic interior cleaning cycle. There are very few manual steps, but they are quick to complete as they are explained in detail by easy-to-understand pictograms on the display.

Spülmaschine mit Selbstreinigungsprogramm | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Automatic warnings

Digital services such as Product info: Connected Wash">CONNECTED WASH constantly monitor the warewasher in the background. If a critical error occurs in the washing process, the machine not only shows a warning in the display but also automatically sends a message to a smartphone or tablet. For example, if the detergent is running out or the wash field is blocked. This means employees can react in time and prevent longer downtimes. Further advantages: The digital service area makes it easy and convenient to order chemicals and to arrange a service appointment.

Spülmaschine sendet Warnmeldungen | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Ergonomic operation

User-friendliness plays an important role in daily work in the kitchen. It ensures that work runs smoothly, easily and safely. The ergonomic handles of the PT Series are an example of this. They allow the machine to be opened and closed easily and conveniently. Equally valuable are the matching inlet tables for pre-washing and the outlet tables for drying. They make it possible to work at an ideal working height at all stages – from loading to unloading the machine. The washing process is even more ergonomic thanks to the automatic hood. The automatic opening and closing of the hood lightens the workload for the dishwashing staff even more.

Spülmaschine für ergonomisches Arbeiten | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Quiet operation

Warewashers with a housing made of double-skinned stainless steel offer significant benefits – they are significantly quieter than single-skinned models. The double skin dampens the machine noise and reduces the noise exposure for the employees. There is also less heat emitted from the machine. In addition to this quality feature, Winterhalter machines also offer the special Silent programme. This mode ensures extra quiet operation. This is particularly advantageous for undercounter warewashers placed in the counter area.

Spülmaschine mit geräuscharmem Betrieb | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie

Pleasant room climate

This can be achieved through heat recovery. A heat exchanger reduces energy consumption and ensures that hardly any hot steam escapes into the room when the warewasher is opened. Bar staff particularly appreciate this feature in the UC glasswasher.. Kitchen staff are also considered. The new PT Series passthrough dishwashers are available as a ClimatePlus version. A heat pump uses not only the thermal energy inside the machine but also the heat from the ambient kitchen air, making for an even more pleasant room climate.

Spülmaschine für besseres Raumklima | Arbeitsplatz Gastronomie